AUTUMN 2004  

Vol. XXXVII, No. 1





Black, Scott .  �Addison�s Aesthetics of Novelty�



Broad, Jacqueline.  �Adversaries or Allies?  Occasional Thoughts on the Masham-Astell Exchange�



Cottegnies, Line .  �The Translator as Critic: Aphra Behn�s Translation of Fontenelle�s Discovery of New Worlds (1688)�

Holmesland, Oddvar.   �Aphra Behn�s Oroonoko: Cultural Dialectics and the Novel�

Reeves, Margaret .  �History, Fiction, and Political Identity: Heroic Rebellion in Aphra Behn�s Love-Letters between a Nobleman and His Sister and Oroonoko

Russell, Anne.  �Aphra Behn, Textual Communities, and Pastoral Sobriquets�



Tomlinson, Tracey E.   �The Restoration English History Plays of Roger Boyle, Earl of Orrery�



Warren, Victoria.  �Gender and Genre in Susanna Centlivre�s The Gamester and The Basset Table



Glover, Brian .  �Nobility, Visibility, and Publicity in Colley Cibber�s Apology



Bertrand, Didier .  �Order and Chaos in Paradise: Colonial and �Postcolonial� Constructions of Religious Identity through the Robinson Crusoe Story�

Butts, Dennis .  �The Birth of the Boys� Story and the Transition from the Robinsonnades to the Adventure Story�

Faller, Lincoln .  �Captain Mission�s Failed Utopia, Crusoe�s Failed Colony: Race and Identity in New, Not Quite Imaginable Worlds�

Furbank, P. N. �Defoe�s Minutes of Mesnager : The Art of Mendacity�

H�hn, Peter .  �The Precarious Autopoiesis of Modern Selves: Daniel Defoe�s Moll Flanders and Virginia Woolf�s The Wave

Knox-Shaw, Peter .  �Defoe and the Politics of Representing the African Interior�

Mcinelly, Brett C.   �Expanding Empires, Expanding Selves: Colonialism, the Novel, and Robinson Crusoe�

Novak, Maximillian E .  �A Narrative of the Proceedings in France: Reattributing a De-Attributed Work by Defoe�

Rogers, Shef .  �Crusoe Among the Maori: Translation and Colonial Acculturation in Victorian New Zealand�

Starr, George .  �Why Defoe Probably Did Not Write The Apparition of Mrs. Veal

Swaminathan, Srividhya .  �Defoe�s Alternative Conduct Manual: Survival Strategies and Female Networks in Moll Flanders

Yahov-Brown, Amit .  �At Home in England, or Projecting Liberal Citizenship in Moll Flanders



Auberlen, Eckhard .  �The Tempest and the Concerns of the Restoration Court: A Study of The Enchanted Island and the Operatic Tempest

Haley, David.  �Was Dryden a �Cryptopapist� in 1681?�

Hammond, Paul.  �Redescription in All For Love

Huse, Ann A. �Cleopatra, Queen of the Seine: The Politics of Eroticism in Dryden�s All for Love�

Roper, Alan.  �Absalom�s Issue: Parallel Poems in the Restoration�

Steggle, Matthew .  �MacFlecknoe and Cynthia�s Revels

Walsh, Sean .  ��Our Lineal Descents and Clans�: Dryden�s Fables Ancient and Modern and Cultural Politics in the 1690s�

Weinman, James J .  �Dryden and Purcell�s King Arthur: A Production History�

Zunshine, Lisa .  �The Politics of Eschatological Prophecy and Dryden�s The Secular Masque



Roper, Alan.   �Recycling Political Poetry:  Tom D�Urfey�s The Progress of Honesty 1680/1739�



Crump, Justine.  ��Il Faut Parier�: Pascal�s Wager and Fielding�s Amelia

Weeks, Kay.  �Fielding Looks Down Jones and the Lower Orders�

Wilputte, Earla A. ��Women Buried�: Henry Fielding and Feminine Absence�



Broich, Ulrich.  �Huren, Hehler, Strassenr�uber: Zurliterarischen Repr�sentation des Verbrechens im England des fr�hen 18. Jahrhunderts�

Daly, Patrick J., Jr.  �John Gay�s The Fan and the �Paper War� of 1713�

Heartz, Daniel.  � The Beggar�s Opera and opera-comique en vaudeville



Kvande, Marta.  �The Outsider Narrator in Eliza Haywood�s Political Novels�

Mowry, Melissa.  �Eliza Haywood�s Defense of London�s Body Politic�



Anderson, Julie.   �Spectacular Spectators:  Regendering the Male Gaze in Delariviere Manley�s The Royal Mischief and Joanna Baillie�s Orra



Turner, James Grantham .  �The Source for John Oldham�s �What Joy without Dear C. Has Life in Store?��



Baines, Paul.  �Theft and Poetry and Pope�

Edgecumbe, Rodney Stenning .  �An Allusion to Measure for Measure in The Rape of the Lock

Lund, Roger D .  �The Ghosts of Epigram, False Wit, and the Augustan Mode�

Rumbold, Valerie.  �Cut the Caterwauling: Women Writers (Not) in Pope�s Dunciads�



Aikins, Janet E.  �Picturing �Samuel Richardson�: Francis Hayman and the Intersections of Word and Image�

Aikins,JanetE., et al.  �Special Feature: Meditations on Eaves and Kimpel�s Samuel Richardson: Transactionality among Literary Biography, Fictional Narrative, and the Lives of the Critics�

Dussinger, John A.  ��Stealing in the great doctrines of Christianity�: Samuel Richardson as Journalist�

Hensley, David.  �Reading and Misreading Richardson as Kant�

Oliver, Kathleen M. �Clarissa Harlowe and the Language of Dress�

Price, Steven R.  �The Autograph Manuscript in Print: Samuel Richardson�s Type Font Manipulation in Clarissa

Wilner, Arlene Fish.   ��Thou Hast Made a Rake a Preacher�; Beauty and the Beast in Richardson�s Pamela

Wilson, Jennifer Preston.  �Clarissa: The Nation Misrul�d�



Pino, Melissa .  �Devilish Appetites, Doubtful Beauty, and Dull Satisfaction: Rochester�s �scorn of ugly ladies (which are very near all)��



Schmidt-Haberkamp, Barbara .  �Shaftesbury�s Concept of Ridicule as an Antecedent to Scriblerian Satire�



G uthrie, Neil.  �New Light on Lady Vane�



Iwanisziw, Susan B .  �The Shameful Allure of Sycorax and Wowski: Dramatic precursors of Sartje, the Hottentot Venus�



D arby, Robert .  ��An Oblique and Slovenly Initiation�: The Circumcision Episode in Tristram Shandy

Erickson, Robert A.   �Fictions of the Heart: Sterne, Law, and the Long Eighteenth Century�

Fanning, Christopher �Small Particles of Eloquence: Sterne and the Scriblerian Text�

Goring, Paul.  �Thomas Weales�s The Christian Orator Delineated (1778) and the Early Reception of Sterne�s Sermons�



Borovaia, Olga V . �Translation and Westernization: Gulliver�s Travels in Ladino�

Bouc�, Paul-Gabriel.   �Gulliver Phallophorus and the Maids of Honour in Brobdingnag�

Bouc�, Paul-Gabriel .  �Gulliver�s Master Bates Once Again�

Carnochan, W.B.   �Hartstonge, Scott, and Swiftiana in Hartstonge�s �Nugae Deliciae� (1815)�

D�amico, Masolino .  �Gulliver contro guerre e intolleranze� (�Gulliver against war and intolerance�)

Dixsaut, Jean.   ��By similitudes�: � propos des circonlocutions de Gulliver chez les Houyhnhnms�

Filipova, Filipina .  �Transformations of the Parodic in Gulliver�s Bulgarian Travels:  Patterns of Translation and Reception from the End of the Nineteenth Century to the First Half of the Twentieth Century�

Grant, Damian.   �The Peace of the Augustans and the War of the Sexes: What Gender is Gulliver?�

Janes, Regina.  �Jonathan Swift Bounces a Head�

Kosok, Heinz.  �Stage Versions of Gulliver�s Travels

Leduc, Guyonne.   �Langues invent�es et langue anglaise dans Gulliver�s Travels de Swift et dans �The Voyages of Mr. Job Vinegar� de Fielding�

Mahoney, Robert .  �Swift�s Modest Proposal and the Rhetoric of Irish Colonial Consumption� 

Marks, Arthur S .  �Seeking an Enduring Image: Rupert Barber, Jonathan Swift, and the Profile Portrait�

McMinn, Joseph.  �Was Swift a Philistine?  The Evidence of Music�

Moore, J. Patrick .  �Ythaith Ogwir: A Study of Gulliver�s Travels by Jonathan Swift (II)�

M�llenbrock, Heinz-Joachim .  �Edward Ward, Unacknowledged Journalistic Ally of Jonathan Swift�

Nash, Richard.  �Did Swift Write It cannot Rain but it Pours?�

Parker, Todd C. ��The Idlest Trifling Stuff That Ever Was Writ,� or, Why Swift Hated his Sermons�

Real, Hermann J.  �Archimedes in Laputa, III, v, 9�

Real, Hermann J.  �Corinna�s Dream, Again�

Reilly, Susan P.   �A Soil So Unhappily Cultivated�: Balnibarbi and Swift�s Georgic Vision of Ireland�

Richardson, John .  �Christian and/or Ciceronian:  Swift and Gulliver�s Fourth Voyage�

R ogers, Pat.  �Comic Maid-Servants in Swift and Smollett: The Proverbial Idiom of Humphry Clinker

Soupel, Serge.   �Gulliver entre mythes et �pop�e�

Te-hsing, Shan .  �Gulliver Travels to the Centre of the Earth:  Three Early Chinese Translations of Gulliver�s Travels

Woolley, David.  �The Stemma of Gulliver�s Travels: A Second Note�



Price, Fiona .  �Amendment to �William Shenstone and James Thomson: A New Poem��



Benedict, Barbara M . �The Paradox of the Anthology: Collecting and Diff�rence in Eighteenth-Century Britain�

Marsden, Jean I .  �Sex, Politics, and She-Tragedy: Reconfiguring Lady Jane Grey�



Battestin, Martin .  �The Critique of Freethinking from Swift to Sterne�

B owden, Martha F.   �Mrs. Yorick and the Midwife: Women�s Roles in the Eighteenth-Century Church of England�

Butler, Anthony W .  �Confused Identifications in Nathaniel Lee�s Nero, I.i and II.iii� 

Dugas, Don-John.  �The London Book Trade in 1709 (Part Two)�

Evans, James E.   ��A sceane of uttmost vanity�: The Spectacle of Gambling in Late Stuart Culture�

Iwanisziw, Susan B .  �The Shameful Allure of Sycorax and Wowski: Dramatic precursors of Sartje, the Hottentot Venus�

K oppenfels, Werner von.  �� Nothing is ridiculous but what is deformed�:  Laughter as a Test of Truth in Enlightenment Satire�

Nixon, Cheryl.  �The Surrogate Family Plot in the Annesley Case and Memoirs of an Unfortunate Young Nobleman

Orr, Bridget. �Poetic Plate-Fleets and Universal Monarchy: The Heroic Plays and Empire in the Restoration�

Pellicer, Juan Christian .  �Cerealia (1706): Elijah Fenton�s Burlesque of Milton and Spenser in Critique of John Philips�



A lexander Pope and John Arbuthnot Memoirs of the Extraordinary Life, Works and Discoveries of Martinus Scriblerus

Duncan Campbell.   The Beautiful Oblique: Conceptions of Temporality in �Tristram Shandy

Eighteenth-Century Contexts: Historical Inquiries in Honor of Phillip Harth , ed. Howard D. Weinbrot, Peter J. Schakel, and Stephen E. Karian

Christopher J. FauskeJonathan Swift and the Church of Ireland, 1710-1724

Dustin Griffin Patriotism and Poetry in Eighteenth-Century Britain

Representations of Swift , ed. Brian A. Connery



New, Melvyn. �Lisping in Numbers�: Some Canonical Statistics for the Present Age



Jonathan Andrews and Andrew Scull.   Customers and Patrons of the Mad Trade:  The Management of Lunacy in Eighteenth-Century London.  With the Complete Text of John Monro�s 1766 Case Book

Sabine Baltes The Pamphlet Controversy about Wood�s Halfpence (1722-25) and the Tradition of Irish Constitutional Nationalism

Peter Borsay The Image of Georgian Bath, 1700-2000: Towns, Heritage, and History

The Cambridge Companion to Eighteenth-Century Poetry , ed. John Sitter

Eighteenth-Century British Erotica, set 1, 5 volumes, ed. Alexander Pettit and Patrick Spedding

Eighteenth-Century English Labouring-Class Poets 1700-1800, 3 volumes, ed. John Goodridge

Patricia Fara.  Newton.  The Making of Genius

Christine Gerrard.  Aaron Hill: The Muses�s Projector, 1685-1750

Hal Gladfelder.  Criminality and Narrative in Eighteenth-Century Literature: Beyond the Law

Richard L. Greaves.  Glimpses of Glory:  John Bunyan and English Dissent

Laurence Sterne.  A Sentimental Journey through France and Italy and Continuation of the Bramine�s Journal , ed. Melvyn New and W.G. Day

Susan C. Lawrence.   Charitable Knowledge: Hospital Pupils and Practitioners in Eighteenth Century London

Life Writings by British Women Writers,1660-1815,ed. Carolyn Barros and Johanna M. Smith

John Locke.  Selected Correspondence , ed. Mark Goldie

Mandeville and Augustan Ideas:  New Essays , ed. Charles W. A. Prior

Noel Malcolm.  Aspects of Hobbes

Leviathan, ed. A.P. Martinich

Molly McClain Beaufort: The Duke and his Duchess, 1657-1715

Edward Gregg.  Queen Anne

Ragnhild Hatton.  George I .

Eamonn � Ciardha . Ireland and the Jacobite Cause, 1685-1766: A Fatal Attachment

Sheila O�Connell.  London : 1753

Annabel Patterson Nobody�s Perfect: A New Whig Interpretation of History

Wolfram Schmidgen Eighteenth-Century Fiction and the Law of Property

Alexis Tadi�.  Sterne�s Whimsical Theatres of Language: Orality, Gesture, Literacy

Tobias Smollett.   The Life and Adventures of Sir Launcelot Greaves, ed. Robert Folkenflik and Barbara Laning Fitzpatrick

James Grantham Turner Schooling Sex: Libertine Literature and Erotic Education in Italy, France, and England 1534-1685

Women and Literary History �For There She Was,� ed. Katherine Binhammer and Jeanne Wood

Women�s Writing and the Circulation of Ideas: Manuscript Publication in England, 1550-1800 , ed. George L. Justice and Nathan Tinker



MAY, JAMES E. ��Printed Materials and Manuscripts, 2001�2003��





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