Autumn 2006

Vol. XXXIX, No. 1




Briggs, Peter M. ‘‘Joseph Addison and the Art of Listening: Birdsong, Italian Opera, and the Music of the English Tongue’’

Haan, Estelle. ‘‘Twin Augustans: Addison, Hannes, and the Horatian Intertexts’’


Gollapudi, Aparna. ‘‘Virtuous Voyages in Penelope Aubin’s Fiction’’


Corse, Taylor. ‘‘Seventeenth-Century Naples and Aphra Behn’s The Rover’’

Laudien, Heidi. ‘‘Aphra Behn: Pastoral Poet’’

Scholz, Susanne. ‘‘Skandalon Sklaverei: Koloniale Begegnungen in Aphra Behn's Oroonoko und Richard Steele's Inkle und Yarico ’’


Gallapudi, Aparna. ‘‘Seeing is Believing: Performing Reform in Colley Cibber’s Love’s Last Shift’’


Backscheider, Paula R. ‘‘Daniel Defoe’’

Beesemyer, Irene Basey. ‘‘Crusoe the Isolato: Daniel Defoe Wrestles with Solitude’’

Hanlon, Tina L. ��The Descendants of Robinson Crusoe in North American Children's Literature��

Hunter, J. Paul. ‘‘Serious Reflections on Daniel Defoe (with an Excursus on the Farther Adventures of Ian Watt and Two Notes on the Present State of Literary Studies)’’

Latta, Kimberley. ‘‘The Mistress of the Marriage Market: Gender and Economic Ideology in Defoe’s Review’’

Marzec, Robert P. ‘‘Enclosures, Colonization, and the Robinson Crusoe Syndrome: A Genealogy of Land in a Global Context’’

McDowell, Paula. ‘‘Defoe and the Contagion of the Oral: Modeling Media Shift in A Journal of the Plague Year’’

Michael, Steven C. ‘‘Thinking Parables: What Moll Flanders Does Not Say’’

Novak, Maximillian E. ‘‘Gendered Cultural Criticism and the Rise of the Novel: The Case of Defoe’’

Seidel, Michael. ‘‘The Man Who Came to Dinner: IanWatt and the Theory of Formal Realism’’


Gelineau, David. ‘‘Dryden’s ‘Cymon and Iphigenia’: The ‘Vigour of the Worse’ Prevailing’’

Hammond, Paul. ‘‘John Dryden’’

Roper, Alan. ‘‘Aeneas and Agathocles in the Exclusion Crisis’’

Thompson, Peggy. ‘‘ ‘I hope, you wou’d not offer violence to me’: The Trope of Insincere Resistance in Dryden’s The Kind Keeper’’

Walls, Kathryn. ‘‘ ‘Adam-Wits’ in Absalom and Achitophel ’’


Battestin, Martin C. ‘‘Henry Fielding’’

McGrane, Laura. ��Fielding�s Fallen Oracles: Print Culture and the Elusiveness of Common Sense��

Campbell, Jill. ��Fielding�s Style��

Ribble, Frederick G. ‘‘New Light on Henry Fielding from the Malmesbury Papers’’

Van Strien, Kees. ‘‘Henry Fielding in Holland’’


Miller, Christopher R. ‘‘Staying Out Late: Anne Finch’s Poetics of Evening’’


MacKenzie, Niall. ‘‘Haywood in a ‘Scrutinizing Age’ ’’


Chowdhury, Ahsan. ‘‘ ‘A Fearful Blazing Star’: Signs of the Exclusion Crisis in Robert Knox’s An Historical Relation of the Island Ceylon (1681)’’


Meyer, Michael. ‘‘Mary Leapor: The Female Body and the Body of her Texts’’


Goldsmith, M. M. ‘‘Bernard Mandeville’’


Coleborne, Bryan. ‘‘Thomas Parnell (1679–1718), Poet and Essayist’’


Pellicer, Juan Christian. ‘‘ ‘A Dry Consumptive Smoaking Sot’: Ned Ward’s Epigram on John Phillips’’


OGorman, Francis. ‘‘The ‘High Priest of an Age of Prose and Reason’? Alexander Pope and the Victorians’’

Pritchard, Jonathan. ‘‘Pope, John Rackett, and the Slave Trade’’

Rogers, Pat. ‘‘Notes on Pope’s Correspondence’’

Rogers, Pat. ‘‘Pope and the Moore Family’’

Rogers, Pat. ‘‘Pope’s Friend Henry Cromwell’’

Rumbold, Valerie and Thomas McGeary. ‘‘Folly, Session Poems, and the Preparations for Pope’s Dunciads’’


Budd, Adam. ‘‘Mourn Not a Change: The Moralizing Consolations of Samuel Richardson’’

Dachez, HLne. ‘‘Crossing Borders in Samuel Richardson’s Clarissa; Or, The ‘Ladder of Dependance’ Revisited’’

Doerksen, Teri. ‘‘Sir Charles Grandison: The Anglican Family and the Admirable Roman Catholic’’

Harol, Corrinne. ‘‘Faking It: Female Virginity and Pamela’s Virtue’’

Knights, Elspeth. ‘‘‘Daring but to Touch the Hem of her Garment’:Women Reading Clarissa’’

Zias, Heather. ‘‘Who Can Believe? Sentiment vs. Cynicism in Richardson’s Clarissa’’


Rosenfeld, Nancy. ‘‘‘That vain Animal’: Rochester’s Satyr and the Theriophilic Paradox’’

Elizabeth Rowe :

Perry, Lori A. Davis. ‘‘The Literary Model for Elizabeth Singer Rowe’s ‘History of Joseph’ ’’

Nicholas Rowe :

Sowerby, Robin. ‘‘The Augustan Lucan’’


Gottlieb, Evan. ‘‘ ‘Fools of Prejudice’: Sympathy and National Identity in the Scottish Enlightenment and Humphry Clinker ’’

Wallace, Tara Ghoshal. ‘‘ ‘About savages and the awfulness of America’: Colonial Corruptions in Humphry Clinker’’


Scholz, Susanne. ‘‘Skandalon Sklaverei: Koloniale Begegnungen in Aphra Behn's Oroonoko und Richard Steele's Inkle und Yarico ’’


During, Simon. ‘‘Taking Liberties: Sterne, Wilkes and Warburton’’

Patrick, Duncan. ‘‘Unorthodox Theology in Two Short Works by Sterne’’


Burke, John J., JR. ‘‘Jonathan Swift’s Crimes Against Humanity: Truth or Fiction?’’

Kaiho, Masao. ‘‘Suifuto to Jeremi Koria (Swift and Jeremy Collier)’’

Said, Edward.  ��Swift's Tory Anarchy��

Weinbrot, Howard. ‘‘Hearts of Darkness: Swift, Johnson, and the Narrative Confrontation of Evil’’


Rounce, Adam. ‘‘ ‘A Clamour Too Loud to be Distinct’: William Warburton’s Literary Squabbles’’


Beddard, R. A. ‘‘The Origin of Charles II’s Visitation of the University of Oxford in 1660’’

Sneddon, Andrew. ‘‘‘Those Crafty Adversaries’: Bishop Francis Hutchinson and Anti-Catholic Rhetoric in Early Hanoverian England, c. 1714–21’’

Sowerby, Scott. ‘‘Tories in the Whig Corner: Daniel Fleming’s Journal of the 1685 Parliament’’


Barnouw, Jeffrey. ‘‘Britain and European Literature and Thought’’

Breashears, Caroline. ‘‘Scandalous Categories: Classifying the Memoirs of Unconventional Women’’

Carson, Anne Elizabeth. ‘‘The Hunted Stag and the Beheaded King’’

De Bruyn, Frans. ‘‘From Georgic Poetry to Statistics and Graphs: Eighteenth- Century Representations and the ‘State’ of British Society’’

Hinnant, Charles. ‘‘Forum: The London Jilt ’’

Hume, ROBERT D. ��Theatres and Repertory’’

Lafler, Joanne. ‘‘Theatre and the Female Presence’’

Lynch, Jack. ‘‘King Lear and �The Taste of the Age,� 1681�1838’’.

Martin, Susan. ‘‘Robert Gould’s Attacks on the London Stage, 1689 and 1709: The Two Versions of ‘The Playhouse: A Satyr’ ’’

Milhous, Judith. ‘‘Theatre Companies and Regulation’’

O�Brien, Karen. ‘‘History and Literature, 1660–1780’’

Raven, James. ‘‘Publishing and Bookselling, 1660–1780’’

Richardson, John. ‘‘Modern Warfare in Early-Eighteenth-Century Poetry’’

Rivers, Isabel. "Religion and Literature"

Weidhorn, Manfred. ‘‘Twin Stars: The Anxiety of Sibling Rivalry Between Literary Titans’’

Wright, Gillian. ‘‘Epictetus in Eighteenth- CenturyWales: Timothy Thomas’ Manuscript Translation of the Enchiridion’’


New, Melvyn. ''Swimming Down the Gutter of Time with Sterne and The Scriblerian''


Daniel Defoe. A Review of the Affairs of France. Vol. 1: 1704–1705

Alain Ren Le Sage. The Devil upon Crutches

Samuel Johnson. A Commentary on Mr. Pope’s Principles of Morality, Or Essay on Man (A Translation from the French)

Louis K. Dupr. The Enlightenment and the Intellectual Foundations of Modern Culture

Patrick Spedding. A Bibliography of Eliza Haywood


Maria M. Scott. Re-presenting ‘‘Jane’’ Shore: Harlot and Heroine

Abigail Williams. Poetry and the Creation of a Whig Literary Culture, 1681– 1714

John Allen Stevenson. The Real History of Henry Fielding

Sylvia Kasey Marks. Writing for the Rising Generation: British Fiction for Young People 1672–1839

The Universal Spectator (London 1728– 1746): An Annotated Record of the Literary Contents

Gerald Maclean. The Rise of Oriental Travel


Estelle Haan. Vergilius Redivivus: Studies in Joseph Addison’s Latin Poetry

Lisa Hilton. Mistress Peachum’s Pleasure

Ruth Herman. The Business of a Woman: The Political Writings of Delarivier Manley

David Boyd Haycock. William Stukeley: Science, Religion and Archaeology in Eighteenth Century England


Margaret Cavendish. Bell in Campo & The Sociable Companions

George Turnbull. The Principles of Moral and Christian Philosophy


Jody Greene. The Trouble with Ownership: Literary Property and Authorial Liability in England, 1660–1730

John W. Yolton. The Two Intellectual Worlds of John Locke. Man, Person, and Spirits in the Essay


May, James E.  Scribleriana Transferred, 2003–2005: Manuscripts and Books at Auction and in Dealers’ Catalogues


The Florida Tristram Shandy Annotations


Mark Morris�s King Arthur

James Russell Lowell Prize

Crusoe in England

Winterbottom�s Tristram Shandy

Swift and Camp