SPRING 2004  

Vol. XXXVI, No. 2




Edgecumbe, Rodney Stenning .  �An Allusion to Addison �s �Campaign� in �The Rape of  the Lock��



Bryson, Cynthia B .  �Mary Astell: Defender of the �Disembodied Mind�� 

Taylor , E.  Derek .  �Mary Astell�s Ironic Assault on John Locke�s Theory of Thinking Matter� 



Caywood, Cynthia and Bonnie A.  Hain .  �Breaking the Confining Silence: Unstable Valences and Language in Aphra Behn�s The Rover 

Martin, Roberta C .  ��Beauteous Wonder of a Different Kind�: Aphra Behn�s Destabilization of Sexual Categories�

Northrop, Douglas A .  �The Role of the Narrator in Aphra Behn�s Oroonoko

Quinsee, Susannah.  �Deconstructing Female �Virtue�: Mariana Alcoforda�s Five Love Letters from a Nun to a Cavalier and Aphra Behn�s Love Letters between a Nobleman and His Sister



Connor, Margarette R .  �Susanna Centlivre: Playwright and Whig Apologist� 

Rigamonti, Antonella and Laura Favero Cararro .  �Women at Stake: The Self Assertive Potential of Gambling in Susanna Centlivre�s The Basset Table



McKenzie, D. F .  �Congreve and the Integrity of the Text�



Boulukos, George E .  �Daniel Defoe�s Colonel Jack, Grateful Slaves, and Racial Difference�

Furbank, P. N. and W. R. Owens.  �Stylometry and the Defoe Canon: A Reply to Irving Rothman� 

Hardin, Michael .  �Colonizing the Characters of Daniel Defoe: J. M. Coetzee�s Foe

Iseki, Tetsuya .  �Capt. George Carleton: A Reconsideration of Defoe�s Canon�

Kondoh, Katsushi .  �Moll Flanders : Defoe�s Endless Game�

Matusmoto, Setsuya .  �On Defoe�s Satirical Strategies�

P ettit, Alexander.  �Pope and Defoe: Satire and National Regeneration�

Rothman, Irving N .  �Defoe De-Attributions Scrutinized under Hargevik Criteria: Applying Stylometrics to the Canon� 

Furbank, P. N. and   W. R. Owens .  �Stylometry and the Defoe Canon: A Reply to Irving Rothman� 

Rothman, Irving N. and Rakesh Verma .  �A Response to P. N. Furbank and W. R. Owens�



Battigelli, Anna ��To Tune Our Sorrows and Instruct the Crowd�: The Cultural Work of John Dryden�s �Threnodia Augustalis��

Cotterill, Anne .  ��Rebekah�s Heir�: Dryden�s Late Mystery of Genealogy�

Engetsu, Katsuhiro .  �The Poetics of Natural History in Annus Mirabilis� 

Fleck, Andrew .  �Guyomar and Guyon: Dryden�s Debt to Spenser in The Indian Emperour

Foster, Gavin.  �Ignoring The Tempest: Pepys, Dryden, and the Politics of Spectating in 1667�

Hammond, Paul .  �Allusions to Milton, Marvell, and Dryden in an Unpublished          Cambridge Prologue�

Kroll, Richard .  �The Double Logic of Don Sebastian

Roper, Alan.  �Who�s Who in Absalom and Achitophel?�

Sauer, Elizabeth .  �Milton and Dryden on the Restoration Stage� 



Ennis, Daniel J.  �The Making of the Poet Laureate, 1730�



Kayman, Martin A .  �The �New Sort of Specialty� and the �New Province of Writing �: Bank Notes, Fiction and the Law in Tom Jones

Lockwood, Thomas.  �Theatrical Fielding�

Maslen, Keith.  �Fielding, Richardson, and William Strahan: A Bibliographical Puzzle�

Ribble, Frederick G .  �Fielding and William Young�

Stierstorfer, Klaus.  �G�ttlicher Plot in menschlicher Story? Die Zufallsproblematik im Romanwerk Henry Fieldings  



Pettit, Alexander .  �Our Fictions and Haywood�s Fictions�

Wilputte, Earla .  ��Room to Fable upon�: The History of Charles XII of Sweden in Eliza Haywood�s The Fortunate Foundlings



Stafford , J.  Martin.  �Mandeville�s Contemporary Critics�

Volkmann, Laurenz .  �Mandeville�s Beehive and Smith�s Invisible Hand: Competing Voices of Ethics and Economics in Early Industrialism�



Herman, Ruth .  �Similarities between Delariviere Manley�s Secret History of Queen Zarah and the English Translation of Hattig�e

R obinson, David Michael.  ��For How Can They Be Guilty?� Lesbian and Bisexual Women in Manley�s New Atalantis



Shaw, Jane .  �Gender and the �Nature� of Religion: Lady Mary Wortley Montagu�s Embassy Letters and Their Place in Enlightenment Philosophy of Religion�

Weitzman, Arthur J.  �Voyeurism and Aesthetics in the Turkish Bath: Lady Mary�s School of Female Beauty �



Edgecumbe, Rodney Stenning .  �Gray�s �Ode on the Spring� and Pope�s �Essay on Man��

Fabian, Bernhard and Marie-Luise Spieckermann .  �Pope in Eighteenth-Century Germany : A Bibliographical Essay (II)�

Hunter, J.  Paul .  �Literary Theory and Literary Practice: The Example of  Pope�

Pettit, Alexander .  �Pope and Defoe: Satire and National Regeneration�

Richardson, John.  �Alexander Pope�s Windsor Forest : Its Context and Attitudes toward Slavery�

Richardson, John Alexander .  �Pope�s Windsor-Forest

Vander Meulen, David L.  The Dunciad in Four Books and the Bibliography of Pope�



Bachman, Maria K. �The Confessions of Pamela: �a strange medley of inconsistence��

Barchas, Janine.  �Grandison�s Grandeur as Printed Book: A Look at the Eighteenth-Century Novel�s Quest for Status�

Chung, Ewha.  �Samuel Richardson�s Clarissa: Defining the �Sacred� Community and Defending Religious Education�

Dussinger, John A.  �Samuel Richardson�s �Elegant Disquisitions�: Anonymous Writing in the True Briton and Other Journals?�

Henriques, Kenneth E.  �Mr. Samuel Richardson and Miss Frances Grainger�

Krake, Astrid.  �In Search of Privacy: Houses and House Imagery in Samuel Richardson�s Clarissa

Maslen, Keith.  �Fielding, Richardson, and William Strahan: A Bibliographical Puzzle�

Scofield,Martin. �Shakespeare and Clarissa: �General Nature,� Genre, and Sexuality�

Scott, Linda Kane.  � The Rape Raped: Echoes of the Rape of the Lock in Richardson�s Clarissa

Tennenhouse, Leonard .  �The Americanization of Clarissa�

Tumbleson, Ray.  �Potboiler Emancipation and the Prison of Pure Art: Clarissa, The Wind, and Surviving Rape�



Love, Harold.  ��Pergo� in �Signior Dildoe��



Folkenflik, Robert.  �Tobias Smollett, Anthony Walker, and the First Illustrated Serial Novel in English�



Alsop, J. D .  �New Light on Richard Steele�



B andry, Anne.  � Sterne and Le Roux�

Fanning, Christopher .  ��This Fragment of Life�: Sterne�s Encyclopaedic Ethics�

Gerard, W. B. �Sterne Illustrated� 

Himberg, Kay.  ��Against the Spleen�: Sterne and the Tradition of Remedial Laughter�

N ugel, Bernfried.  � Dramatic Theory in Tristram Shandy: Slawkenbergius Re-Consulted�

Ross, Ian Campbell .  ��A Collective Enterprise �?  Sterne and the Biographer� 



Bhatnagar, Rashmi Dube.  �Jonathan Swift�s Tale of a Tub: A Postcolonial Approach�

Blanchard, W.  Scott.  �Swift�s Tale, the Renaissance Anatomy, and Humanist Invective�

Bruce, John.  �Plagued by Enthusiasm: Swift�s Fear of Infectious Dissent and His Argument against Abolishing Christian Quarantine in A Tale of a Tub

Chandler, David .  �Swift�s �Violent Hatred� of William III: The �Paraphrase of Prior�s Epitaph� and its Provenance�

Davidson, Jenny .  �Swift�s Servant Problem: Livery and Hypocrisy in the Project for the Advancement of Religion and the Directions to Servants

Hashinuma, Katsumi .  �The Economic Theme in Gulliver�s Travels� 

Karian, Stephen .  �Swift�s Epitaph for Stella?  A Recently Discovered Document�

Kelley, Charles Greg .  �Dismembered Beauty: A Swiftian Presentation of the False Members�

Loveridge, Mark .  �Gulliver, Moses, and Language�

McMullin, B. J .  �Scott�s Swift, 1814, Vol. X (T/BAa.10): James Ballentyne and George Ramsay�

Potter, Tiffany .  �A Colonial Source for Cannibalistic Breeding in Swift�s A Modest Proposal

Real, Hermann J.  �Another Epigraph on Dean Swift�  

Real, Hermann J .  �The �Keen Appetite for Perpetuity of Life� Abated: The Struldbruggs, Again� 

Schneller, Beverly .  ��Which Was the Worst of All My Voyages?�: John N. Morris and Jonathan Swift�

Taylor, Donald S.  �Swift�s Nightmare� 

Youngberg, Quentin .  �The Sensitive Swift: Coming to Terms with the Dean�s Beneficent Satire�



Connors, Richard .  �Parliament and Poverty in Mid-Eighteenth-Century England �

Downie, J. A .  �New Wine in Old Bottles?  The �New Historicism� and the Eighteenth Century�



Antor, Heinz.  �Educational Concepts in Eighteenth-Century Tractates and Novels�

Barnes, Geraldine, and Adrian Mitchell .  �Measuring the Marvelous: Science and the Exotic in William Dampier�

Cervantes, Xavier, and Thomas McGeary .  �Handel, Porpora and the �Windy Bumm��

Clegg, Jeanne .  �John Dunton�s The Informer�s Doom

Cope, Kevin L .  �Algorithmic Apocalypse: Chaos, Cognitive Science, and the Conditions of Satire�

Doody, Margaret Anne.  ��A Good Memory Is Unpardonable�: Self, Love, and the Irrational Irritation of Memory�

Hudson, Nicholas .  ��The Dress of Thought�: The Imagery of Enlightenment and Romantic Poets�

Lesser,Wendy.  �Rereading: Recollected in Tranquility�

Mason, Alexandra .  �Eighteenth-Century Holdings in the Kenneth Spencer Research Library at the University of Kansas �

May, James E .  �Supplement to �Bibliographic Tools�: Printed Sources for 18C Research�

McGeary, Thomas. �Verse Epistles on Italian Opera Singers, 1724-1736�



Kupersmith, William.  Richard Blackmore and Eustace Budgell in Alexander Pope�s �The First Satire of the Second Book of Horace Imitated�            



Dianne Dugaw .  � Deep Play��: John Gay and the Invention of Modernity

Thomas Keymer Sterne, The Moderns, and the Novel 

Claude Rawson God, Gulliver, and Genocide: Barbarism and the European Imagination, 1492-1945 

Joseph F.  Bartolomeo Matched Pairs: Gender and Intertextual Dialogue in Eighteenth-Century Fiction 

Richard Terry.  Poetry and the Making of the English Literary Past, 1660-1781



Jean Vivi�s English Travel Narratives in the Eighteenth Century: Exploring Genres , trans. Claire Davison

Ian Campbell Ross Laurence Sterne: A Life  

Laurence Sterne, ed. Marcus Walsh

Eighteenth-Century Fiction on Screen, ed. Robert Mayer 

Michael McKeon The Origins of the English Novel 1600-1740, 15th Anniversary Edition  

Lewd & Notorious: Female Transgression in the Eighteenth Century , ed. Katherine Kittredge

Ingrid H.  Tague Women of Quality: Accepting and Contesting Ideals of Femininity in England , 1690-1760 

M argery  A. Kingsley.  Transforming the Word:  Prophesy, Poetry and Politics in England , 1650-1742

Tone Sundt Urstad.  S ir Robert Walpole�s Poets: The Use of Literature as Pro-Government Propaganda, 1721-1742

Miscellanies in Prose and Verse by Pope, Swift and Gay , 4 volumes, ed. Alexander Pettit 

Poetry from 1660 to 1780: Civil War, Restoration, Revolution , �Blackwell Essential Literature,� ed  Robert DeMaria, Jr. and Duncan Wu

Restoration Comedy, �Blackwell Essential Literature,� ed. David Womersley

Cynthia Lowenthal Performing Identities on the Restoration Stage 

Heidi Hutner Colonial Women: Race and Culture in Stuart Drama

Marcie Frank .  Gender, Theatre, and the Origins of Criticism: From Dryden to Manley

Paul Hammond Figuring Sex between Men from Shakespeare to Rochester  

Sarah Jordan The Anxieties of Idleness: Idleness in Eighteenth-Century British Literature and Culture 

G eorge Justice.  The Manufacturers of Literature: Writing and the Literary Marketplace in Eighteenth-Century England

Books and Their Readers in Eighteenth-Century England : New Essays , ed. Isabel Rivers

Lee Morrissey From the Temple to the Castle: An Architectural History of British Literature, 1660-1760

Jonathan I.  Israel Radical Enlightenment: Philosophy and the Making of Modernity, 1650-1750 

Blakey Vermeule The Party of Humanity: Writing Moral Psychology in Eighteenth-Century Britain  

Richard Bradford Augustan Measures.  Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Writings on Prosody and Meter

Joan Beal.  English Pronunciation in the Eighteenth Century: Thomas Spence�s �Grand Repository of the English Language�

Glorious Companions: Five Centuries of Anglican Spirituality, ed. Richard H. Schmidt

Donald A. Spaeth.  The Church in an Age of Danger: Parsons and Parishioners, 1660-1740

Jonathan Andrews and Andrew Scull Undertakers of the Mind: John Monro and Mad-Doctoring in Eighteenth-Century England  

A Nation Transformed: England after the Restoration, ed. Alan Houston and Steve Pincus   

Robin Nicholson Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Making of a Myth: A Study in Portraiture, 1720-1892 



May, James E.   �Scribleriana Transferred: MSS and Rare Books, 1999-2001, Part 3�



The Florida Tristram Shandy Annotations

The Florida Bramine�s Journal Annotations



J. Douglas Canfield

The Cant of Criticism

Montagu Revived

Johnson Republished

The Spectator Project

A Suburban Beggar�s Opera

Harold Bloom on Stephen King

The Rape of the Lock Raped Again

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