SPRING 2006  

Vol. XXXVIII, No. 2  




Rogers, Pat.  “Joseph Addison”


Ross, Angus.  "John Arbuthnot"


Richardson, Leslie.  "Leaving Her Father's House: Astell, Locke, and Clarissa's Body Politic"


Swenson, Rivka.  "Representing Modernity in Jane Barker's Galesia Trilogy: Jacobite Allegory and the Patch-Work Aesthetic"


Ahern, Stephen.  “‘Glorious Ruine’: Romantic Excess and the Politics of Sensibility in Behn’s Love-Letters

Howlett, Kathy.  “The Entangled History of Legal and Fictional Discourse in The Trial of Ford Lord Grey of Werk and Aphra Behn’s Love Letters Between a Nobleman and his Sister

Kraft, Elizabeth.  “Ethics, Politics, and Heterosexual Desire in Aphra Behn’s The Rover

McMurran, Mary Helen.  “Aphra Behn From Both Sides: Translation in the Atlantic World”

Todd, Janet.  “Aphra Behn”


Beal, Mary.  "Bolingbroke and Mildmay in 1733: An Allegorical Portrait by Herman van der Mijn"


Cottegnies, Line.  “The Garden and the Tower: Pastoral Retreat and Configurations of the Self in the Auto/Biographical Works of Margaret Cavendish and Lucy Hutchinson”


Hunter, David.  "Puppet Politics: Tobias Smollett, Charlotte Charke, and Theatrical Opposition to Handel"


Salmon, Eric.  “Colley Cibber”


Marsden, Jean I. “Female Spectatorship, Jeremy Collier and the Anti-Theatrical Debate”


Ferdinand, C. Y. and D. F. McKenzie.  "William Congreve"


Riley, Lindy. “Mary Davys’s Satiric Novel Familiar Letters: Refusing Patriarchal Inscription of Women”


Honold, Alexander. “Das Glück des Schiffbrüchigen. Robinson, ein Held der westlichen Welt”

Sertoli, Giuseppe. “Cronologia e veridicità in Defoe (con alcune ipotesi su Colonel Jack)”


Ames, Clifford. “Variations on a Theme: Baroque and Neoclassical Aesthetics in the St. Cecilia Day Odes of Dryden and Pope”

Gardiner, Anne Barbeau.  “Judas-Friars of the Popish Plot:  The Catholic Perspective on Dryden’s The Spanish Fryar

Gardiner, Anne Barbeau. “A Witty French Preacher in the English Court, Dryden, and the Great Debate on the Real Presence, 1661-1688”

Haynes, Kenneth. “Dryden: Classical or Neoclassical?”

Nesvet, Rebecca.  “Parallel Histories: Dryden’s Plutarch and Religious Toleration”

Reinert, Thomas. “Theater and Civility in Dryden’s ‘Essay’”

Tissol, Garth.  “Dryden’s Additions and the Interpretive Reception of Ovid”

Tomlinson, Charles. “Why Dryden’s Translations Matter”


Arminttor, Deborah Needleman.  “‘Go, Get Your Husband Put into Commission’: Fielding’s Tom Thumb Plays and the Labor of little Men”

Dickie, Simon. “Joseph Andrews and the Great Laughter Debate”

Wolf, Amy. “Bernard Mandeville, Henry Fielding’s Amelia, and the Necessities of Plot”


Nokes, David. “John Gay”

Winton, Calhoun. “The Beggar’s Opera A Case Study”


Backscheider, Paula R. “Eliza Haywood”


Bindman, David. “William Hogarth”


Wolf, Amy. “Bernard Mandeville, Henry Fielding’s Amelia, and the Necessities of Plot”


Erskine-Hill, Howard. “Alexander Pope”

Kisor, Yvette.  “Pope’s ‘The Sixth Epistle of the First Book of Horace Imitated’”

Sowerby, Robin.  “The Decorum of Pope’s Iliad


Rippy, Frances Mayhew.  "Matthew Prior"


Bray, Joe.  “The Source of ‘Dramatized Consciousness’: Richardson, Austen, and Stylistic Influence”

Brückmann, Patricia.  “‘Men, Woman and Poles’: Samuel Richardson and the Romance of a Stuart Princess”

Chaber, Lois A.  “Christian Form and Anti-Feminism in Clarissa

Dussinger, John.  “Richardson, Samuel”

Feilla, Cecilia.  “Performing Virtue: Pamela on the French Revolutionary Stage, 1793”

Lipsedge, Karen.  “Representations of the Domestic Parlour in Samuel Richardson’s Clarissa, 1747-48”

McCarthy, William.  “What did Anna Barbauld do to Samuel Richardson’s Correspondence?  A Study of her Editing”

Müller, Anja.  “Picturing Æsops: Re-Visions of Æsop’s Fables from L’Estrange to Richardson”

Phillips, Elaine Anderson.  “Richardson Reads the Renaissance: The Use of Renaissance Narrative Theory in the Novels and Prefaces”

Price, Leah.  “Reading (and Not Reading) Richardson, 1756-1868”

Senba, Yutaka.  “‘Shisshin’no hakken: Pamela to shinkei-i Cheyne”

Webster, Jeremy W.  “Sentimentalizing Patriarchy: Patriarchal Anxiety and Filial Obligation in Sir Charles Grandison


Ellis, Frank H.  “John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester (1647-1680)”

Love, Harold. “Rochester’s ‘I’ th’ isle of Britain’: Decoding a Textual Tradition”


Hunter, David.  “Puppet Politics: Tobias Smollett, Charlotte Charke, and Theatrical Opposition to Handel”

Innocenti, Loretta. “In viaggio verso la soggettività: Humphry Clinker di Tobias Smollett”

Smith, Amy Elizabeth.  “Tobias Smollett and the Malevolent Philip Thicknesse: Travel Narratives, Public Rhetoric, and Private Letters”


Winton, Calhoun.  “Richard Steele”


Amalfitano, Paolo.Story, history e fiction. Note sul Tristram Shandy di Laurence Sterne”

Coe, Jonathan.  “‘Great spunky unflincher’: Laurence Sterne, B. S. Johnson and Me”

Friant-Kessler, Brigitte.  “‘Curious Cuts’ and Sterne in the Catena Librorum Tacendorum

Gerard, W. B.  “‘All that the heart wishes’: Changing Views toward Sentimentality Reflected in Visualizations of Sterne’s Maria, 1773-1888”

Gerard, W. B. “The First ‘Temptation’ of Yorick, or, a Pirate Tale”

Hawley, Judith.  “Sterne and the Cyclopaedia Revisited”

Henke, Christoph. “Tristrams Zeitprobleme: Verzögerungen, Anachronismen und subjektive Zeit in Laurence Sternes Tristram Shandy

Leslie, John C.  “Music’s Sentimental Role in Tristram Shandy”

New, Melvyn and Peter de Voogd.  “The 1773 Letters from Yorick to Eliza: A Facsimile”

New, Melvyn, et al. “Scholia to the Florida Edition of the Works of Sterne from The Scriblerian, 1986-2005”

Patrick, Duncan.  “Character and Chronology in Tristram Shandy: Four Papers and a Chronological Table”

Pesso-Miquel, Catherine.  “Clock-ridden Births: Creative Bastardy in Sterne’s Tristram Shandy and Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children”


Fuchs, Jacob. “Ovid and Swift; Cadenus and Vanessa,” Karian, Stephen. “The Authorial Strategies of Swift’s Verses on the Death

Gregori, Flavio. “Splendide Mendax: realtà, finzione e transazione in A Tale of a Tub

Lapraz-Severino, Françoise.  “Swift, Gulliver, and Resistance”

Probyn, Clive.  "Jonathan Swift"

Seidel, Michael. “Systems satire:”

Watanabe, Koji. "1727 nen no Jonasan Suwifuto: (1) saigo no kikoku (Jonathan Swift in 1727: His last return to Ireland)”


Kinsley, Zoe.  "Landscape 'Dynamically in Motion': Revisiting Issues of Structure and Agency in Thomson's The Seasons"


Backscheider, Paula R.  “Eighteenth-century women poets”

Bertelsen, Lance.  “Popular Entertainment and Instruction, Literary and Dramatic: Chapbooks, Advice Books, Almanacs, Ballads, Farces, Pantomimes, Prints, and Shows”

Bradley, James E.  “The Public, Parliament and the Protestant Dissenting Deputies, 1732-1740”

Branch, Lori.  “The Rejection of Liturgy, the Rise of Free Prayer, and Modern Religious Subjectivity”

Brassard, Geneviève.  “‘The Sacred Impulse of Maternal Devotion’: Austen’s Critique of Domesticity and Motherhood in Lady Susan

Burrows, John.  “Questions of Authorship:  Attribution and Beyond”

Conway, Allison.  “‘Let us be govern’d by an English C—t’: Reading Nell Gwyn”

DeMaria, Robert Jr.  “The Eighteenth-Century Periodical Essay.”

Donohue, Joseph.  “Introduction:  The theatre from 1660 to 1800”

Dowling, William C.  “ Augustan England and British America”

Downie, J.A.  “Public opinion and the political pamphlet”

Downie, J. A. “How useful to eighteenth-century studies is the paradigm of the ‘bourgeois public sphere’?”

Fabricant, Carole. “Eighteenth-century travel literature”

Festa, Lynn.  “Cosmetic Differences:  The Changing Faces of England and France”

Folkenflik, Robert. “Folklore, Antiquarianism, Scholarship and High Literary Culture”

Gibbons, Brian J. “Mysticism and Mechanism: The Religious Context of George Cheyne’s Representation of the Body and its Ills,”

Griffin, Dustin. “The Social World of Authorship 1660-1714”

Hunter, J. Paul. ‘Political, satirical, didactic and lyric poetry (1): from the Restoration to the death of Pope’

Keymer, Thomas. “Sentimental fiction: ethics, social critique and philanthropy”

Knights, Mark.  “Occasional Conformity and the Representation of Dissent: Hypocrisy, Sincerity, Moderation, and Zeal”

Love, Harold. “Restoration and Early Eighteenth-Century Drama”

McNeil, David.  “Collage and social theories: an examination of Bowles’s ‘Medley’ prints of the 1720 South Sea Bubble”

Nicholson, Eirwen.  “Soggy prose and verbiage: English graphic political satire as a visual/verbal construct”

Prince, Michael B. “A Preliminary Discourse on Philosophy and Literature”

Pollak, Ellen.  “Premium Swift: Dorothy Parker’s Iron Mask of Femininity”

Rizzi, Tracy. “Between Dishonor and Death: Infanticides in the Causes célèbres of eighteenth-century France”

Spacks, Patricia Meyer. Cambridge Speck, W.A. “Robert Harley, first earl of Oxford and Mortimer”

Thompson, Andrew.  “Contesting the Test Act: Dissent, Parliament, and the Public in the 1730s”

Warner, William B. “Novels on the Market”

Wykes, David L.  “The Norfolk Controversy: Quakers, Parliament, and the Church of England in the 1690s”


Jonathan Swift’s On Poetry: A Rapsody: A Critical Edition with a Historical Introduction and Commentary, ed. Melanie Marie Just

The Correspondence of Jonathan Swift, D.D., In Four Volumes, Vol. III, Letters 1726-1734, nos. 701-1100, ed. David Woolley

Dirk F. Passmann and Heinz J. Vienken. The  Library and Reading of Jonathan Swift:   A Bio-Bibliographical Handbook

The Reception of Laurence Sterne in Europe, ed. Peter de Voogd and John Neubauer

Bony, AlainLenora, Lydia et les autres: Etudes sur le (nouveau) roman anglais du XVIIIe siècle (Leonora, Lydia and the Others: Studies on the (new) Eighteenth-Century British Novel).



Brean Hammond. Pope Amongst the Satirists

Pat Rogers. The Alexander Pope Encyclopedia

Aphra BehnThe Lover’s Watch, or The Art of Making Love

William CongreveIncognita

Henry FieldingJonathan Wild the Great

Alexander PopeThe Rape of the Lock and A Key to the Lock

Laurence SterneThe Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman, ed. Robert Folkenflik

Ian HigginsJonathan Swift: Writers and Their Work

Gulliver’s Travels and Other Writings, Complete Text with Introduction, Historical Context, Critical Essays, ed. Clement Hawes

Enchanted Ground: Reimagining John Dryden, ed. Jayne Lewis and Maximillian E. Novak

James William JohnsonA Profane Wit:  The Life of John Wilmot Earl of Rochester

James How. Epistolary Spaces:  English Letter Writing from the Foundation of the Post Office to Richardson’s "Clarissa"

Keith MaslenSamuel Richardson of London Printer: A Study of his Printing Based on Ornament Use and Business Accounts

Troping Oroonoko from Behn to Bandele, ed. Susan B. Iwanisziw

William DonoghueEnlightenment Fiction in England, France, and America

Ruth PerryNovel Relations:  The Transformation of Kinship in English Literature and Culture

Alryyes, Ala. Original Subjects: The Child, the Novel, and the Nation

Janet Bertsch. Storytelling in the Works of Bunyan, Grimmelshausen, Defoe, and Schnabel

Mary LeaporThe Works of Mary Leapor, ed. Richard Greene and Ann Messenger

Nancy CopelandStaging Gender in Behn and Centlivre:  Women’s Comedy and the Theatre

Alessa JohnsWomen’s Utopias of the Eighteenth Century

Mary Astell and John Norris. Letters Concerning the Love of God

The Letters, Life, and Works of John Oldmixon: Politics and Professional Authorship in Early Hanoverian England, ed. Pat Rogers

Adam Smyth. Profit & Delight”: Printed Miscellanies in England Troping Oroonoko from Behn to Bandele, ed. Susan B. Iwanisziw

Enlightening the British: Knowledge, Discovery and the Museum in the Eighteenth Century, ed. R. G. W. Anderson, M. L. Caygill, A. G. MacGregor and  L. Syson

Regimes of Description: In the Archive of the Eighteenth Century, ed. John Bender and Michael Marrinan

Betty Joseph. Reading the East India Company, 1720-1840: Colonial Currencies of Gender

Susannah R. Ottaway. The Decline of Life.  Old Age in Eighteenth-Century England

Karen Harvey. Reading Sex in the Eighteenth Century: Bodies and Gender in English Erotic Culture

John O’BrienHarlequin Britain: Pantomime and Entertainment, 1690-1760

Gillian WagnerThomas Coram, Gent. 1668-1751

Jeremy Waldron. God, Locke, and Equality: Christian Foundations in Locke’s Political Thought

Kevin J. Hayes.  A Colonial Woman’s Bookshelf



David Leon Talbot Woolley, A. M., 1924-2005

Gwin J. Kolb, 1919-2006

Sitwell & the Scriblerians

Sydney Smith & Jonathan Swift

The Taming of the Yahoos

A Pirated ACaptain Singleton

The Great Period of Camp

"Tom Jones in Salsa Spagnola"

The Head of Pope

Frye on Sensibility

"Male Guile" and "The Undertow of Fascination"

Nabokov, Pope, Sterne, and Inchbald

Hemingway and Pope

Robert Drury's Journal (1729)

Gulliver and David Kepesh