Spring 2007

Vol. XXXIX, No. 2





ASCARI, MAURIZIO. ��The Role of Addison�s Dream Visions and Oriental Tales in the Nascent Poetics of Short Fiction��


BRIGGS, PETER M. ��Joseph Addison and the Art of Listening: Birdsong, Italian Opera, and the Music of the English Tongue��


PETTITT, TOM. ��From Stage to Folk: A Note on the Passages from Addison�s Rosamondin the �Truro� Mummers Play��




KOLBRENER, WILLIAM. ��Gendering the Modern: Mary Astell�s Feminist Historiography��




REAL, HERMANN J. �� �To the Dean�: A New Letter by Mary Barber��




GQOLA, PUMLA DINEO. �� �Where there is no novelty, there can be no curiosity�: Reading Imoinda�s Body in Aphra Behn�s Oroonoko, or the Royal Slave��


MILLER, ERIC. ��Aphra Behn�s Tigers��




DICKINSON, H. T. ��St John, Henry, styled first Viscount Bolingbroke (1678�1751)��




DUFF, VIRGINIA. �� �I should not care to mix my breed�: Gender, Race, Class, and Genre in Mary Davys�s The Accomplished Rake , or Modern Fine Gentleman��


POTTER, TIFFANY. �� �Decorous Disruption�: The Cultural Voice of Mary Davys��




HEALY, MARGARET. ��Defoe�s Journal and the English Plague Writing Tradition��


ROGERS, PAT. ��Daniel Defoe and the Local Proverb��


ROTHMAN, IRVING N. ��Robinson Crusoe in Outer Space: The Power of the Imagination��


ROTHMAN, IRVING N. ��Science and Invention in Literature�Divergent Views of Daniel Defoe and Jonathan Swift��


SOHIER, JAQUES. ��Moll Flanders and the Rise of the Complete Gentlewoman-Tradeswoman��


ZIMMERMAN, EVERETT. ��Robinson Crusoe and No Man�s Land��




PASSMANN, DIRK F. and HERMANN J. REAL. ��From �Mossy Caves� to �Rowling Waves�: William Diaper�s Nereides: or, Sea-Eclogues��




ZWICKER, STEVEN N. ��Dryden and the Poetic Career��




PROBYN, CLIVE. ��Sarah Fielding��




COLLINS, MARGO. ��Eliza Haywood�s Cross-Gendered Amatory Audience��


LUBEY, KATHLEEN. ��Eliza Haywood�s Amatory Aesthetic��




PITTOCK, JOAN H. ��Thomas Hearne and the Narratives of Englishness��




BROPHY, SARAH. ��Women, Aging, and Gossip in Lady Mary Wortley Montagu�s Letters of the 1720s��




MATTHEWS, ROGER. ��The Rape of the Lock: Through Stained Glass Lightly��




LYNCH, JACK. ��Forgery as Performance Art: The Strange Case of George Psalmanazar��




MIYAZAKI, YOSHIZO. ��Igirisu shosetsu o yomu tanoshimi : Pamira o yomu�� (A Pleasure of Reading English Novels: a Reading of Pamela)




HAYES, JULIE CANDLER. ��Tobias Smollett and the Translators of the Quixote��


PYM, ANTHONY. ��The Translator as Author: Two Quixotes��


SIMPSON, KENNETH. ��Tobias Smollett��




HOREJSI, NICOLE. �� �A Counterpart to the Ephesian Matron�: Steele�s �Inkle and Yarico� and Feminist Critique of the Classics��




BOBKER, DANIELLE. ��Carriages, Conversation, and A Sentimental Journey ��


CAZZATO, LUIGI. ��Laurence Sterne and His Paradoxical Aesthetics of the New��


FINER, EMILY. ��Eugene Onegin (Pushkin and Sterne) by Viktor Shklovskii��


GERARD, W. B. and BRIGITTE FRIANTKESSLER. ��Towards a Catalogue of Illustrated Laurence Sterne��


HAAGDORENS, LIESBETH, ��Displacements of Exile in Albert Drach�s Novel Unsentimentale Reise��


HENKE, CHRISTOPH. ��Self-Reflexivity and Common Sense in A Tale of a Tub and Tristram Shandy: Eighteenth-Century Satire and the Novel��


LUPTON, CHRISTINA. ��Two Texts Told Twice: Poor Richard, Pastor Yorick, and the Case of the Word�s Return��


MACKENZIE, SCOTT R. �� Homunculus Economicus : Laurence Sterne�s Labour Theory of Literary Value��


MARGGRAF, JENS. ��Laurence Sterne and Carl Phillip Emanuel Bach�s Variation of a Theme��


NAGLE, CHRISTOPHER. ��Sterne, Shelley, and Sensibility�s Pleasures of Proximity��


NEW, MELVYN. ��Laurence Sterne��


NEW, MELVYN and PETER DE VOOGD, ed. ��The Letters from Yorick to Eliza: A New Edition��


PATRICK, DUNCAN. ��Tristram�s Dialogue with Death and Thomas Patch�s �Sterne and Death� ��


PORTER, ROY. ��And Who Are You��


ROSS, IAN CAMPBELL. ��Yorick and Smelfungus: Two Martyrs on the Threshold of the Gods��


WILLIAMS, KATE. ��Reading Tristram Shandy in the Brothel: The �Episodic Contagion� and Nocturnal Revels��




BRIGGS, PETER M. ��John Graunt, Sir William Petty, and Swift�s Modest Proposal��


CARPENTER, ANDREW. ��On Editing Swift�s Correspondence��


FR�ES, JO�O. �� �A Part Omitted� from Swift�s Sentiments of a Church-of-England Man ��


GALLET, REN�. ��Un De�constructeur charitable? Swift et la �sagesse de ce monde���


HAUGEN, KRISTINE LOUISE. ��Death of an Author: Constructions of Pseudonymity in the Battle of the Books.��


ROSS, IAN SIMPSON. ��Satire on Warmongers in Gulliver�s Travels, Books One and Two��


ROTHMAN, IRVING N. ��Science and Invention in Literature�Divergent Views of Daniel Defoe and Jonathan Swift��




DOWNES, KERRY. ��Sir John Vanbrugh��




ODELL, D. W. ��Young�s Night Thoughts: Christian Rationalism or Fideism?��




EZELL, MARGARET J. M. �� �By a Lady�: The Mask of the Feminine in Restoration, Early Eighteenth-Century Print Culture��


FAIRER, DAVID. ��The Faerie Queene and Eighteenth-Century Spenserianism��


FAIRER, DAVID. ��Persistence, Adaptations and Transformations in Pastoral and Georgic Poetry��


HAGGERTY, GEORGE E. ��Keyhole Testimony: Witnessing Sodomy in the Eighteenth Century��


HUGHES, DEREK. ��Theatre, Politics and Morality��


KOUFFMAN, AVRA. ��Women�s Diaries of Late Stuart England: An Overview��


LUND, ROGER. ��Laughing at Cripples: Ridicule, Deformity and the Argument from Design��


MUNNS, JESSICA. ��Accounting for Providence: Contemporary Descriptions of the Restoration of Charles II��


O�DRISCOLL, SALLY. ��The Lesbian and the Passionless Woman: Femininity and Sexuality in Eighteenth-Century England��


PROBYN, CLIVE. ��Paradise and Cotton-mill: Rereading Eighteenth-Century Romance��


SCHMIDT-HABERKAMP, BARBARA. �� �Deviating from the Known and Common Way�: Women�s Poetic Self-Representations in the Early Eighteenth Century��


SHERMAN, STUART. ��Diary and Autobiography��


WEINBROT, HOWARD. ��Bakhtin and Menippean Satire: Soviet Whiggery, Bion, Varro, Horace, and the Eighteenth Century��




P. N. FURBANK and W. R. OWENS. A Political Biography of Daniel Defoe


PAT ROGERS. Pope and the Destiny of the Stuarts : History, Politics, and Mythology in the Age of Queen Anne


HENRY FIELDING. The History of Tom Jones , A Foundling


Cambridge History of Eighteenth-Century Philosophy , ed. Knud Haakonssen


Paradise Lost, 1668�1968 : Three Centuries of Commentary


HELEN VENDLER. Poets Thinking: Pope Whitman Dickinson Yeats




LAURENCE STERNE. A Sentimental Journey and Continuation of Bramine�s Journal with Related Texts




TOM PAULIN. Crusoe�s Secret: The Aesthetics of Dissent


JANE DE GAY. Virginia Woolf�s Novels and the Literary Past


BETH LYNCH. John Bunyan and the Language of Conviction


HARRIET KIRKLEY. A Biographer at Work: Samuel Johnson�s Notes for the ��Life of Pope��


JEREMY BARLOW. The Enraged Musician: Hogarth�s Musical Imagery


RICHARD CUMBERLAND. A Treatise of the Laws of Nature


RONAN DEAZLEY. On the Origin of the Right to Copy : Charting the Movement of Copyright Law in Eighteenth-Century Britain (1695�1775 )


MICHAEL PRINCE. Philosophical Dialogue in the British Enlightenment : Theology, Aesthetics and the Novel


SARAH FIELDING. The Governess; or, The Little Female Academy


TITA CHICO. Designing Women: The Dressing Room in Eighteenth-Century English Literature and Culture


ELIZABETH CARTER. Elizabeth Carter, 1717�1806: An Edition of Some Unpublished Letters


HERO CHALMERS. Royalist Women Writers 1650�1689




MAY, JAMES. Recent Listings and Acquisitions.




The Defoe Society


Pound and The Rape of the Lock


Nabokov, Pope, Sterne, and Inchbald


 ��Male Guile�� and ��The Undertow of Fascination��


The Unsettling History of ��Hallelujah��


 ��A More or Less Independent Value��


Naipul on Pepys and Dryden


 ��The Morning Interview�� and The Rape of the Lock