Spring 2009

Vol. XLI, No. 2



Recent Articles

Addison :

Brown, TonyC. �Joseph Addison and the Pleasures of Sharawadgi



Apetrei,Sarah . ��Call No Man Master Upon Earth�: Mary Astell�s Tory Feminism and an Unknown Correspondence�



Fanning, Christopher . �The Voice of the Dependent Poet: the Case of Mary Barber�



Coppola, Al . �Retraining the Virtuoso�s Gaze: Behn�s Emperor of the Moon, the Royal Society, and the Spectacles of Science and Politics�

Hughes, Bill. �Talking Books: Conversational Life and the Novelistic in the Eighteenth-Century Printed Dialogue�

McGirr, ElaineM. �A Question of Faith:Behn�s Engagement with the Rhetoric of 1688�

Medoff, Jeslyn . ��Very Like a Fiction�:Some Early Biographies of Aphra Behn�

Morgan, Peter E. �A Subject to Redress: Ideology and the Cross-Dressed Heroine in Aphra Behn�s The Widow Ranter

Pulsipher, JennyHale. The Widow Ranter and Royalist Culture in Colonial Virginia

Russell, Anne . ��Public� and �Private� in Aphra Behn�s Miscellanies: Women Writers, Print, and Manuscript�

Smith, Emily. �Traces of Aphra Behn in Frances Brooke�s The History of Emily Montague (1769)�

Trofimova, Violetta .�Crossing the Boundaries: Aphra Behn and John Wilkins Popularizing the New Science



Handley, Miriam . �William Congreve and Thomas Southerne



AustindeDrouillard,Jean-Raoul .�Plato�s Fault? Clich�s, Stereotypes, and Other Prejudices in European Literary Discourses�

Bialuschewski, Arne.�Defoe�s Troubles in 1720�

Byrd, Max .�Two or Three Things I Know about Setting�

Caton, Lou . �Doing the Right Thing with Moll Flanders: A �Reasonable� Difference between the Picara and the Penitent

Cruise, James .�Childhood, Play, and the Contexts of Robinson Crusoe

Cunningham, Valentine. �Thou Art Translated: Bible Translating, Heretic Reading and Cultural Transformation�

DeMichelis, Lidia .�Daniel Defoe and the Aesthetics of Discovery�

Drake, George A.�The Dialectics of Inside and Outside: Dominated and Appropriated Space in Defoe�s Historical Fictions�

Furbank, P. N. and W. R. Owens .�Defoe�s �South-Sea� and �North-Sea� Schemes: A Footnote to A New Voyage Round the World

Gregg, Stephen .�Male Friendship and Defoe�s Captain Singleton: �My every thing��

Griffin, Robert J.�The Text in Motion: Eighteenth-Century Roxanas

Merrett, Robert. �Daniel Defoe and Islam�

Novak, Maximillian E.�Novel or Fictional Memoir: The Scandalous Publication of Robinson Crusoe

Oliver, Kathleen M. �Defoe�s Poetic Reformation: From Poem to Novel, Pillory to Penitentary

O�Reilly, Nathanael . �Imagined England : Robinson Crusoe�s Nationalism�

Phillips, ElaineAnderson . �Whose Moll is it Anyway? Fidelity Issues in Filming Moll Flanders

Rogers, Pat. �Defoe and the Expiring Peerage�

Welch, DennisM. �Defoe�s �A True Relation,� Personal Identity, and the Locke-Stillingfleet Controversy�

Woollen, Geoff .�The Wicker Man: Augustin Meaulnes



Burling, WilliamJ. ��Aaron�s Serpent�:The Ideology of the �Master Passion� in English Serious Drama, 1660-1800�

Denman, Jason. �The Passionate Word: Temporality and Rhetoric in All for Love

Engetsu, Katsuhiro . �Doraiden teki epokku(�The Drydenesque Epoch�)

Fleck, Andrew. �The Shepherd Proteus in Dryden�s Annus Mirabilis

Kroll, Richard. �William Davenant and John Dryden�

Lee, AnthonyW. �Dryden�s �Cinyras and Myrrha� �

Mason, Tom . �Dryden�s The Cock and the Fox and Chaucer�s Nun�s Priest�s Tale

Niederhoff, Burkhard. �John Dryden�s Amphitryon and the Sexual Paradoxes of Restoration Comedy�

Skouen, Tina . �Telling Silence in Dryden�s The Hind and the Panther (1687)�

Skouen, Tina .�The Vocal Wit of John Dryden�



Neumann, Fritz-Wilhelm . �Near opera�s fugues, what muse can stay? Where wordless warblings winnow thought away!�Englische

    Opernsatire im fr�hen18. Jahrhundert� (�Near . . . away!��English Satire of the Opera in the Early Eighteenth Century)



Collins, Margo. �Feminine Identity in Eliza Haywood�s The Wife and The Husband

Thompson, Helen . ��In Idea, a thousand nameless Joys�: Secondary Qualities in Arnauld, Locke, and Haywood�s Lasselia



Gourlay, AlexanderS. �On Allusion, Narrative and Annunciation in Hogarth�s A Harlot�s Progress

Molineux, Catherine. �Hogarth�s Fashionable Slaves: Moral Corruption in Eighteenth-Century London�

Taylor, Debra. �Fatal Missteps:Death in Hogarth�s Engravings�



Carnell, Rachel.Delariviere Manley�s Possible Children by John Tilly�

Krueger, Misty .��Rouse up your self, and bear you like a Man�: Masculine Anxiety and the Body in Delariviere Manley�s

    The Royal Mischief



Merrill, Yvonne .�The Role of Language in the Construction of Mary Wortley Montagu�s Rhetorical Identity�



Edgecombe, RodneyStenning. �Pope�s An Essay on Criticism, Expl .�

McGeary, Thomasand ValerieRumbold . �Folly, Session Poems, and the Preparations for Pope�s Dunciads

Paulson, Ronald. The Rape of the Lock : A Jacobite Aesthetics?�

Rudd, Niall. �Pope�s Farewell to Horace: Dialogue 1, 1-22�

Suzuki, Zenzo . �Pouputobaburu(Pope and the Bubble)�


Richardson :

Charles, Shelly. �De la traduction au pastiche: L�Histoire du chevalier Grandisson [sic]  (From translation to pastiche . . .)�

Kibbie, AnnLouise .�The Estate, The Corpse, and the Letter: Posthumous Possession in Clarissa

Macdonald , D. L.��A Dreadful Dreadful Dream�: Transvaluation, Realization, and Literalization of Clarissa in The Monk

Macey, David . ��Business for the Lovers of Business�: Sir Charles Grandison, Hardwicke�s Marriage Act and the Specter of Bigamy�

McGirr, Elaine .�Manly Lessons: Sir Charles Grandison , the Rake, and the Man of Sentiment�

Yount, Janet Aikins .�Strange Bedfellows: Textual Transference among Samuel Richardson, Edith Wharton, and T. S. Eliot in the    

     Modernist Sexology Movement�



Spies, Martin. �A Performance of Rowe�s Lady Jane Gray in 1852�



Tilmouth, Christopher. �New Sources for Steele�s Presentation of Cato in The Christian Hero



Aceituno, YolandaCaballero . �Emblems of Semiospheric Wit: Laurence Sterne�s Pun on the �Window-money��

Aldridge, A. Owen Ludic Prose from Laurence Sterne to Carlos Fuentes�

Alryyes , Ala.   �Plutarch and Swift as Sources for Sterne�s �Elephant� in Tristram Shandy

apRoberts, Ruth �The Historian as Shandean Humorist: Carlyle and Frederick the Great�

Chandler, James.   �The Language of Sentiment�

Englert, Hilary. ��This Rhapsodical Work�: Object Narrators and the Figure of Sterne�

Foley-Dawson, D�Arcy . �24 Hour Party People and A Cock and Bull Story: Exemplary postmodern texts?�

Gerard, W. B. andBrigitteFriant-Kessler . �Towards a Catalogue of Illustrated Laurence Sterne: Paintings and Prints�

Griffin , Hardy . �Jefferson Revisited�

Hartvig, Gabriella . �Early Interpretations of Sterne�s �learned wit� in German Aesthetics From satura lanx to das umgekehrte Erhabne ��

Hatipo lu,  G�lden .   �Too Postmodern to Tell?  The Late Reception of Laurence Sterne in Turkey

Illingworth, David. �Allusive, Ludicrous, Illusive: Games in and with Tristram Shandy

Ishii, Shigemitsu . �Medical Realism and Fantasy�

Keymer, Thomas �Sterne and Romantic Autobiography�

Miao, Erica.   �Music and Sound in Tristram Shandy

Newbould, M.C.  � Shandying it Away�: Sterne�s Theatricality�

Oakley , Warren .   �Forging an Association: William Combe, Esq. and Laurence Sterne�

Pamuk, Orhan �Everyone Should Have an Uncle Like This�

Parnell,Tim. �From Hack to Eccentric Genius: Tristram Shandy and A Tale of a Tub, Again�

Vanderbeke, Dirk . �Winding up the Clock: The Conception and Birth of Tristram Shandy�

Whitehead , A ngus. �[. . .] Books (Fair Virtues Advocates!)�: A Quotation from Edward Young Identified in Ignatius Sancho�s

    Letters of the the Late Ignatius Sancho, An African



Anspaugh, Kelly. �Reading the Intertext in Jonathan Swift�s �A Panegyrick on the Dean��

Downie, J. A., �Swift�s �Corinna� Reconsidered�

Fabricant, Carole. �Colonial Sublimities and Sublimations: Swift, Burke, and Ireland

Martinez , M arc. �Gulliver en son miroir : sp�cularit� et r�f�rentialit� satiriques dans Gulliver�s Travels ( �Gulliver in His Mirror: Satirical           Specularityand Referentiality�)

Miller, Pat. �The Contents of Jonathan Swift�s Waste Paper Basket Recovered�

Parnell,Tim. �From Hack to Eccentric Genius: Tristram Shandy and A Tale of a Tub, Again�

Passmann , D irkF. �The Dean and the Turk:Jonathan Swift, Mahometanism, and Religious Controversy before the Discourse

    Concerning the Mechanical Operation of the Spirit

Peterson, LelandD. �James Arbuckle, Author of The Beasts� Confession to the Priest

Probyn, Clive T. �Jonathan Swift, the Earl of Shaftsbury, and the Monosyllable�

Real, HermannJ . �Judging Unjust Judges: New Sources for Swift�s Letter to Molesworth

Womersley, David. Newton �s Apple�



MacKenzie, Niall. �A Misnamed Ship at the Battle of Barfleur (1692),�

Roberts, David. �The 1695 Actors� Rebellion: New Light on Old Patentees�



Berson, JoelS. �The Memoirs of Bampfield-Moore Carew: Additional Plagiaries and Dateable Events�

Cannan, Paul D. �Restoration Dramatic Theory and Criticism�

Cervantes, XAvier . ��Let �em Deck Their Verses with Farinelli�s Name�: Farinelli as a Satirical Trope in English Poetry

    and Verse of the 1730s�

Kewes, Paulina. �Otway, Lee and the Restoration History Play�

KowaleskiWallace,Elizabeth . �The First Samurai: Isolationism in Englebert Kaempfer�s 1727 History of Japan

Kramnick, Jonathan . �Empiricism, Cognitive Science, and the Novel�

Milling, Jane . A Gotham Election : Women and Performance Politics�

M�ller, Anja . �Fashioning Age and Identity: Childhood and the Stages of Life in Eighteenth-Century English Periodicals�

Munns, Jessica . �Images of Monarchy on the Restoration Stage�

Rabin, Dana. �Beyond Lewd WomenandWanton Wenches : Infanticide and Child-Murder in the Long Eighteenth Century�

Real, Hermann J., et al. �The Holdings of the Ehrenpreis Centre:A Bibliography of Rare Books�

Ribeiro, Alvaro .�The Tinker Legacy: The Yale �School� of Eighteenth-Century Studies�

Spieckermann, Marie-Luise . �Anthologien englischer Autoren und die Bildung eines deutschenKanons der englischen

    Literatur� (�Anthologies of English Authors and the Formation of a German Canon of English Literature�)



A drian L ashmore-Davies.  Sir William Trumbull on Plain Living and the Use of Riches


Book Reviews

Sustaining Literature: Essays on Literature, History, and Culture, 1500-1800: Commemorating the Life and Work of Simon Varey ,

    ed. Greg Clingham

A Tale of a Tub, The Battle of the Books, The Mechanical Operation of the Spirit , ed. FrankH. Ellis

HaroldLove. English Clandestine Satire, 1660-1702

AdamPotkay . The Story of Joy: From the Bible to Late Romanticism

MarkKnights. Representation and Misrepresentation in Later Stuart Britain: Partisanship and Popular Culture


Books Briefly Noted

PaulBaines . Daniel Defoe: Robinson Crusoe, Moll Flanders.A Reader�s Guide to Essential Criticism

RobertJ. Frail. Realism in Samuel Richardson and the Abb� Pr�vost

WilhelmFűger. Jonathan Swifts Autonekrolog�Die Verse auf den Tod von Dr. Swift, D.S.P.D.: �bersetzungKommenta

    Interpretation. (Jonathan Swift�s Autonecrology. Verses on the Death of Dr Swift, D.S.P.D. Translation�Commentary�Interpretation)

PatriciaMeyerSpacks . Novel Beginnings: Experiments in Eighteenth-Century English Fiction

JudithBroome. Fictive Domains: Body, Landscape, and Nostalgia, 1717�1770

SusanB. Iwanisziw. Oroonoko: Adaptations and Offshoots

The History of Jemmy and Jenny Jessamy , ed. John Richetti

RobinDix . The Literary Career of Mark Akenside. Including an Edition of His Non-Medical Prose

MaryAnnO�Donnell Aphra Behn: An Annotated Bibliography of Primary and Secondary Sources

SusanWiseman. Conspiracy and Virtue: Women, Writing, and Politics in Seventeenth-Century England

The Woman Turned Bully , ed. Mar�a Jos� Mora, Manuel J. G�mez-Lara, Rafael Portillo, and Juan A. Prieto-Pablos

S�amuser en Europe au si�cle des Lumi�res ( Enjoying Oneself in Europe duringthe Enlightenment ), ed. �lisabeth D�tis and


British Literature, 1640-1789: An Anthology. ed. Robert Demaria, Jr.

JaneSpencer . Literary Relations: Kinship and the Canon 1660-1830

Empire & Identity:An Eighteenth-century Sourcebook, ed. Stephen H. Gregg

TimHitchcock. Down and Out in Eighteenth-Century London

SusanJenkins . Portrait of a Patron: The Patronage and Collecting of James Brydges, 1st Duke of Chandos (1674-1744)

CharlesW. J. Withers. Placing the Enlightenment: Thinking Geographically about the Age of Reason

RichardB. Sher. The Enlightenment & the Book: Scottish Authors & Their Publishers in Eighteenth-Century Britain, Ireland & America

Above the Age of Reason: Miracles and Wonders in the Long Eighteenth Century, ed. Kevin L. Cope

CosticaBradatan . The Other Bishop Berkeley: An Exercise in Reenchantment

British Piracy in the Golden Age: History and Interpretation, 1660-1730 , ed. Joel H. Baer

Vickie B. S ullivan . Machiavelli, Hobbes, & the Formation of a Liberal Republicanism in England

JosephMonteyne . The Printed Image in Early Modern London: Urban Space, Visual Representation, and Social Exchange

WintonDean . Handel�s Operas, 1726-1741

DanielRunyon. John Bunyan�s Master Story: The Holy War as Battle Allegory in Religious and Biblical Context



The Florida Tristram Shandy Annotations


Scribleriana TRANSFERRED




 JAMES E. M AY . Scribleriana Transferred: Acquistions, 2006-2009: Part One




According to Beckett

Shandy�s Legal Tautology

Javier Marias and Sterne

OUP Reissues

Cant of Criticism, Revisited

The 18th-Century in The New Yorker

The Last Sonnet About Slavery

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