SPRING and AUTUMN 2005  


Vol. XXXVII, No. 2 and Vol. XXXVIII, No. 1







Chico , Tita.   �The Dressing Room Unlock�d: Eroticism, Performance, and Privacy from Pepys to the Spectator


Cowan, Brian. �Mr. Spectator and the Coffeehouse Public Sphere�


Schille, Candy B. K. ��Now, Cato�: Addison, Gender, and Cultural Occasion�


Rogers, Pat. �Dr. Arbuthnot and His Family�


Chernaik, Warren. �Unguarded Hearts: Transgression and Epistolary Form in   Aphra Behn�s Love-Letters and the Portuguese Letters

Frohock, Richard. �Violence and Awe: The Foundations of Government in Aphra Behn�s New World Settings�

Gruber, Elizabeth D. �Dead Girls Do It Better: Gazing Rights and the Production of Knowledge in Othello and Oronooko

H ughes, Derek. �The Masked Woman Revealed; or, The Prostitute and the Playwright in Aphra Behn Criticism�


K aji, Riwako.  Seiji, fushi, jendā : Aphra Behn no hon�an-geki � (�Politics, Satire, Gender: Aphra Behn�s Adapted Plays�)

Narain, Mona.  �Body and Politics in Aphra Behn�s Love Letters Between a Nobleman and His Sister

Pacheco, Anita.  �Reading Toryism in Behn�s Cit-Cuckolding Comedies�

Pender, Patricia.  �Competing Conceptions: Rhetorics of Representation in Aphra Behn�s Oroonoko

Starr, G. Gabrielle.  �Objects, Imaginings, and Facts: Going beyond Genre in Behn and Defoe�

Starr, G. Gabrielle. �Rereading Prose Fiction: Lyric Convention in Aphra Behn and Eliza Haywood�

Todd, Janet. �Fatal Fluency: Behn�s Fiction and the Restoration Letter�

Visconsi, Elliott
. �A Degenerate Race: English Barbarism in Aphra Behn�s Oroonoko and The Widow Ranter

Young, Elizabeth V.  �De-gendering Genre: Aphra Behn and the Tradition of English Verse Satire�



Hammond , Brean S.   �Is There a Whig Canon? The Case of Susanna Centlivre�

Womersley, David. �A Modest Reply: Brean S. Hammond and the Whig Canon�

H errell, LuAnn Venden. ��Luck Be a Lady Tonight,� or At Least Make Me a Gentleman: Economic Anxiety in Centlivre�s The Gamester"




Grossman, Joyce.  �Social Protest and the Mid-Century Novel:  Mary Collyer�s The History of Betty Barnes

Thompson, Peggy.  �Duck, Collier, and the Ideology of Verse Forms�



Evans, James E.
The Way of the World and The Beau Defeated : Strains of Comedy in 1700�

Ross, John C
. ��Comedy Raising Its Voice�: Tragic Intertextualities in Congreve�s The Double-Dealer



Benedict, Barbara M.  �Wants and Goods: Advertisement and Desire in Haywood and Defoe�

Bialuschewski, Arne.  �Daniel Defoe, Nathaniel Mist, and the �General History of the Pyrates��

Bour, Isabelle. �Du m�ta-romanesque chez Defoe�

C ampe, R�diger. �Was hei�t: eine Statistik lesen? Beobachten zu Daniel Defoes A Journal of the Plague Year (�What does it mean to read a Statistic? Observations on Defoe�s Journal�)

D�tis, lisabeth. �Fronti�res et limites: du r�el au symbolique dans The Farther Adventures of Robinson Crusoe (1719) de Daniel Defoe� (�Boundaries and Limits: From the Real to the Symbolic in Daniel Defoe�s The Farther Adventures of Robinson Crusoe �)

Furbank, P. N.and W. R. Owens. �The Dating of Defoe�s Atalantis Major

Gabbard, D. Christopher.  �The Dutch Wives� Good Husbandry: Defoe�s Roxana and Financial Literacy�

Ganz, Melissa J.  Moll Flanders and English Marriage Law�

Mayer, Robert.  �Not Adaptation but �Drifting�: Patrick Keiller, Daniel Defoe, and the Relationship between Film and Literature�

Novak, Maximillian E.  �The Age of Projects: Changing and Improving the Arts, Literature, and Life during the Long Eighteenth Century, 1660-1820�

Rogers, Pat. �Defoe�s Tour Thro� Great Britain : Three Notes�

Rogers, Pat. �Further Notes on Defoe�s Tour Thro� Great Britain


Rogers, Shef.  �Crusoe Among the Maori: Translation and Colonial Acculturation in Victorian New Zealand

Rosenberg, Phillipe.  �The Barbarian and the Pedagogy of Restraint�

Starr, G. Gabrielle.  �Objects, Imaginings, and Facts: Going beyond Genre in Behn and Defoe�


Blackwell, Mark.  �The Subterranean Wind of Allusion: Milton, Dryden, Shadwell, and Mock-Epic Modernity�

C oltharp, Duane.  �Raising Wonder: The Use of the Passions in Dryden�s A Song for St. Cecilia�s Day

Davis, Paul. ��But Slaves We Are�: Dryden and Virgil, Translation and the �Gyant Race��

Donnelly, Jerome.  ��A Greater Gust�: Generating the Body in Absalom and Achitophel

Gardiner, Anne Barbeau.  �Abraham Woodhead, �The Invisible Man�: His Impact on Dryden�s The Hind and the Panther

Gardiner, Anne Barbeau. �Dryden�s Niece, Sister Mary Howard (1653�1735)�

Gardiner, Anne Barbeau.  �Spinoza vs. Bossuet: The European Debate behind Dryden�s Religio Laici

H ammond, Paul.  �A Song Attributed to Dryden�      

Haynes, Kenneth. �Dryden: Classical or Neoclassical?�

Holmes, Martin.  �A Song Attributed to Dryden: A Postscript�

Kelliher, Hilton.  �Dryden Attributions and Texts from Harley MS. 6054�

M urray, Barbara A. ��Transgressing Nature�s Law�: Representations of Women and the Adapted Version of The Tempest , 1667�

Nelson, T. G. A. �The Ambivalence of Nature�s Law: Representations of Incest in Dryden and His English Contemporaries�

Parker, Jan. �Teaching Troubling Texts: Virgil, Dryden, and Exemplary Translation�

Pask, Kevin. �Caliban�s Masque�

Philmus, Robert M.  �Dryden�s �Cousin Swift� Re-examined�

Plumsky, Roger.  �Dryden�s Absalom and Achitophel

Robertson, Randy. �The Delicate Art of Anonymity: The Case of Absalom and Achitophel

Roper, Alan. �Dryden, Scott, Pope, and Howell�s Epistolae Ho-Elianae

Ross, Trevor. �Translation and the Canonical Text�

Rosslyn, Felicity.  �Dryden: Poet or Translator?�

Scala, Alexander. �A Smock Alley Promptbook for Tyrannick Love

Schille, Candy B. K. �At the Crossroads: Gendered Desire, Political Occasion, and Dryden and Lee�s Oedipus

Schille, Candy B. K. �Last Stands and Pratfalls: The Unevenness of Dryden�s Final Tragedy, Cleomenes

Smallwood, Philip.  �Dryden�s Criticism as Transfusion�

Sowerby, Robin.  �Augustan Dryden�

Tomlinson, Charles. �Why Dryden�s Translations Matter�

W arren, Victoria. �From the Restoration to Hollywood: John Dryden�s Conquest of Granada and John Cameron�s Terminator Films�


Mulholland, James.  ��To Sing the Toils of Each Revolving Year�: Song and Poetic Authority in Stephen Duck�s �The Thresher�s Labour��

T hompson, Peggy.  �Duck, Collier, and the Ideology of Verse Forms�


Battestin, Martin C. �Fielding�s Contributions to The Comedian (1732)�

B lackwell, Bonnie. ��An Infallible Nostrum�: Female Husbands and Greensick Girls in Eighteenth-Century England

Loftis, John E. �Trials and the Shaping of Identity in Tom Jones

Ribble, Frederick G. �Fielding�s Rapprochement with Walpole in late 1741�

R izzo, Betty.  �The Devil in Tom Jones

Small, Helen.  �The Debt to Society: Dickens, Fielding, and the Genealogy of Independence

Wickman, Matthew. �Of Probability, Romance and the Spatial Dimensions of Eighteenth-Century Narrative�



Jung, Sandro. ��Silence� in Early Eighteenth-Century Poetry: Finch, Akenside, Collins�

M intz, Susannah.  �Anne Finch�s �Fair� Play�



Richardson, John.  �John Gay and Slavery�



P otter, Pamela M. �The Politicization of Handel and His Oratorios in the Weimar Republic , the Third Reich, and the Early Years of the German Democratic Republic�



Benedict, Barbara M.  �Wants and Goods: Advertisement and Desire in Haywood and Defoe�

B urgess, Miranda J. �Bearing Witness: Law, Labor, and the Gender of Privacy in the 1720s�

Last, Susan. ��The Cabal were at a loss for the Author�s Meaning�: Eliza Haywood�s Adventures of Eovaai as Metasatire�

P otter, Tiffany .  ��A God-Like Sublimity of Passion�: Eliza Haywood�s Libertine Consistency�

Starr, G. Gabrielle.  �Rereading Prose Fiction: Lyric Convention in Aphra Behn and Eliza Haywood�



G oulding, Susan.  Reading �Mira�s Will�: The Death of Mary Leapor and the Life of the Persona�




Carnell, Rachel. �More Borrowing from Bellegarde in Delarivier Manley�s Queen Zarah and the Zarazians

Richter, Virginia . �Delarivier Manley (ca. 1667/75-1724)�



Boer, Inge E. �Despotism Under the Veil: Masculine and Feminine Readings of the Despot and the Harem�

Fenno, Samantha.  ��An Experiment Practiced Only by a Few Ignorant Women�: Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, the Smallpox Inoculation, and the Concept of Enlightenment�



Collins, Margo. �Feminine Conduct and Violence in Mary Pix�s She-Tragedies�
Evans, James E. �The Way of the World and The Beau Defeated : Strains of Comedy in 1700�




Cooksey, Thomas L.  �Pope, Eloisa, Milton: A Possible Source�
Jones, Tom.   �Pope�s Epistle to Bathurst and the Meaning of Finance�

McL averty, James.  �Warburton�s False Comma: Reason and Virtue in Pope�s Essay on Man
Noggle, James.  �Skepticism and the Sublime Advent of Modernity in the 1742 Dunciad

P ritchard, Jonathan.  �Alexander Pope and the Roads of Roman Britain�

Pritchard, Jonathan.  �Pope�s �Figur�d Worlds��

R ichardson, John. �Pope�s WindsorForest

Rogers, Pat. �Sir Balaam and an Ass: Pope, Atterbury, and Coningsby�

R oper, Alan. �Dryden, Scott, Pope, and Howell�s Epistolae Ho-Elianae�

S antesso, Aaron.  �The Conscious Swain: Political Pastoral in Pope�s Epic�

Sherbo, Arthur.  �Another of Alexander Pope�s Books�

W heeler, D avid.  �Poetic Identity and the Anxiety of Print in Pope�s Early Career�


Richardson :

Sauvage, Emmanuelle. �La Tentation du th��tre dans le roman: analyse de quelques tableaux chez Sade et Richardson�


Rochester :

Coatalen, Guillaume. �Rochester�s �To His Mistress� as a Parody of George Herbert�s �The Call�and �Dullnesse� (line 9)�



Alker,Sharon. �The Geography of Negotiation: Wales, Anglo-Scottish Sympathy, and Tobias Smollett�

Bell , Robert.   �Excremental Anxieties: Humphrey [sic] Clinker and the Politics of Urban Decay�

Easson, Angus. �Don Pickwick: Dickens and the Transformations of Cervantes�

McInelly, Brett C .   �Domestic and Colonial Space in Humphry Clinker

Rogers, Pat. �Comic Maid-Servants in Swift and Smollett: The Proverbial Idiom of Humphry Clinker

Shimada, Takau.   Tsikk-Burasiba and Joniku in Smollett�s Atom

Smith, Nicholas D .��The Muses O�lio�: Satire, Food, and Tobias Smollett�s The Expedition of Humphry Clinker



Hynes, Peter.  �Richard Steele and the Genealogy of Sentimental Drama: A Reading of The Conscious Lovers



Bystydzienska, G razna.   Wawrzniec Sterne: A Sentimental Journey in Nineteenth-Century Poland

Fife, Ernelle. �Gender and Professionalism in Eighteenth-Century Midwifery�

King, John.   ��I generally fly myself�: The Delicate Ego of Laurence Sterne�s Sentimental Journey?�

K ovala, Urpo. �Sterne�s Long Journey into Finland

Lovesey, O liver.   �Divine Enthusiasm and Love Melancholy: Tristram Shandy and Eighteenth-Century Narratives of Saint Errantry�

Lupton,Christina. �Naming the Baby: Sterne, Goethe, and the Power of the Word�

Lupton, Christina.   Tristram Shandy , David Hume and Epistemological Fiction�

Meyler, Joan.   �The �Body National� and the �Body Natural�: Tristram Shandy �s History of Ireland�

Nerozz ,PatriziaBellman. �La memoria di Tristram�

New, Melvyn.  �Richard Lovell Edgeworth and Laurence Sterne�


Owen, Jim. �Laurence Sterne and the Caged Starling of A Sentimental Journey

Patrick, Duncan .   �Laurence Sterne�s �Impromptu�: A New Title for an Old Joke�

Pedersen, Kirsten. �How to Recognize a Novel When You See One: A Story about Tristram Shandy and Tristram Shandy�s Story�   

S oupel, Serge. �De l�Amour dans The Journal to Eliza de Sterne: vie, formes et lumi�res�

Wallace, Miriam L. �Thinking Back Through Our Others: Rereading Sterne and Resisting Joyce in The Waves"


A rgent, Joseph E.  �The Etymology of a Dystopia: Laputa Reconsidered�

Baltes, Sabine.  �Diversion, Dollars, and the Dean: Jonathan Swift and Popular Culture�

Barnett, Louise K. �Betty�s Freckled Neck: Swift, Women, and Women Readers�

Bony, Alain. �Mutiny on the Adventure: A Possible Source of Gulliver�s Travels

B oyle, Frank. �Old Poetry and New Science: Swift, Cowley, and Modernity�

C hiba , Yasuki .   ��Chichi�naki ato ni kaku to iukoto: Suwifuto Oke monogatari no kontekusuto (To write after patricide: a context of A Tale of a Tub )�

C legg, Jeanne.  �Swift on False Witness�

Creaser, Wanda J. ��The Most Mortifying Malady�:  Jonathan Swift�s Dizzying World and Dublin�s Mentally Ill�

D evine, Michael G. �Disputing the �Original� in Swift�s Tale of a Tub

D jordjevic, Igor.  Cadenus and Vanessa :  A Rhetoric of Courtship�

E hrenpreis, Irvin. �How to Write Gulliver�s Travels

Ehrenpreis, Irvin.  �The Wholeness of History: Social History and Literary Criticism�

Foreman, William J. �Swift�s Twists: A Case for Ironic Metaphor�


F r�es, Jo�o.  �Swift�s Prayers for Stella:  The Other Side of the Satirist�

G ardiner, Anne Barbeau.  �Swift Prophet: The Christian Meaning of Gulliver�s Travels

H awes, Clement.  �Cousins Sympson and Simson: Gulliverian Intertextuality�

Karian, Stephen.  �The Texts of Gulliver�s Travels

Katritzky, Linde .   �Swift�s M�hrgen von der Tonne and the Nachtwachen. Von Bonaventura

M ahony, Robert.  �The Irish Colonial Experience and Swift�s Rhetorics of Perception in the 1720s�

M ahony, Robert.  ��Prince Posterity� as an Irish Nationalist: The Posthumous Course of Swift�s Patriotic Reputation�

Meyers, Jeffrey. �Swift and Kafka�

M iller, Susan Fisher.  ��The Gentlemen at Large�: Dublin Castle, Trinity College, and Jonathan Swift�

P hilmus, Robert M.�Dryden�s �Cousin Swift� Re-examined�

R awson, Claude. �Swift, les femmes et l��ducation des femmes�

Real, Hermann J. �A New Letter from Swift: His Answer to the Earl of Strafford, 29 March 1735, Recovered�

Rogers, Pat. �Comic Maid-Servants in Swift and Smollett: The Proverbial Idiom of Humphry Clinker

S tewart, Wendy.  �The Poetical Trade of Favours: Swift, Mary Barber, and the Counterfeit Letters�

S undell, Kirsten Ewart.  ��A savage and unnatural Taste�: Anglo-Irish Imitations of A Modest Proposal, 1730-31�

Wood, Nigel. �Jonathan Swift: Gulliver�s Travels



Jung, Sandro.  �Love and Honour in James Thomson�s Tancred and Sigismunda (1745)�



Kelley, Anne. ��In Search of Truths Sublime�: Reason and the Body in the Writings of Catherine Trotter�

King, Heather.  ��Be Mistress of Your Self, and Firm to Virtue�: Female Friendship in Catherine Trotter�s The Unhappy Penitent (1701)�



M cLaverty, James.  �Warburton�s False Comma: Reason and Virtue in Pope�s Essay on Man



            May, James E.  �Edward Young�s Responses to Jonathan Swift�



Achinstein, Sharon.  �Romance of the Spirit: Female Sexuality and Religious Desire in Early Modern England

A rmitage, David.  ��That excellent forme of Government�: New Light on Locke and Carolina

Baer, Joel H.  �Penelope Aubin and the Pirates of Madagascar: Biographical Notes and Documents�


Berg, Maxine.  �In Pursuit of Luxury: Global History and British Consumer Goods in the Eighteenth Century�

B howmik, Urmi.  �Facts and Norms in the Marketplace of Print: John Dunton�s Athenian Mercury

C anfield, J. Douglas.  �Catholic Conspirators in English Comedy of the Glorious Revolution�

C arlisle , Susan. �Charlotte Lennox�s Birth Date and Place�

Caudwell, James.  �Duncan Cambell�

Cohen, Mich�le. �The Grand Tour: Language, National Identity and Masculinity�

Downes, Melissa K.  �Ladies of Ill-Repute: The South Sea Bubble, The Caribbean, and The JamaicaLady

Duff, Virginia M.  �Early English Women Novelists Testify to the Law�s Manifest Cruelties Against Women Before the Marriage Act of 1753�

Duff, Virginia M.  ��[F]allen by mistaken rules�: Anne Finch�s �The Bird and the Arras� and the Subtle Indictment of Domestic Confinement and Marriage Law�

E vans, James E. �Libertine Gamblers in Late Stuart Comedy�

G adeken, Sara.  ��A Method of Being Perfectly Happy�: Technologies of Self in the Eighteenth-Century Female Community�

G oulding, Susan. ��Mourn, Mourn, Ye Muses�: Eighteenth-Century Women as Elegists�

G uthrie, Neil.  ��The Memorial of the Chevalier de St. George� (1726): Ambiguity and Intrigue in the Jacobite Propaganda War�

H ayden, Judy A. �From Caroline Tears to Carolean Laughter:   Re-Historicizing the Restoration of Charles II�

Jackson, MacD. P. �Plays and Pies: Seventeenth-Century Predecessors of Warburton�s Cook�

Jones, Clyve.  �Jacobites under the Beds: Bishop Francis Atterbury, the Earl of Sunderland and the Westminster School Dormitory Case of 1721�

Jordan, Sally.  �Gentry Catholicism in the Thames Valley , 1660-1780�

Katritzky, Linde.  �Subtle Satire: Gottleib Wilhelm Rabener and the Influence of English Satirists�

K ennedy, Deborah.  �The Ruined Abbey in the Eighteenth Century�

L ove, Harold.  �Charles, Viscount Mordaunt and �The ladies� march��

L und , Roger D. �Infectious Wit: Metaphor, Atheism, and the Plague in Eighteenth-Century London

McM urran, Mary Helen. �National or Transnational?  The Eighteenth-Century Novel� 

N eiderhoff, Burkhard.  �The Restoration Tradition of Paradox�

Noble, Yvonne.  �Attributions and Misattributions to Edward Phillips, Theatre Writer of the 1730s, with Some Remarks on Thomas Phillips, Theatre Writer of the 1730s�

Overton, Bill. �The Subscription List for Jean Adam�s Miscellany Poems (1734)�

Palmeri, Frank.  �History, Nation, and the Satiric Almanac, 1660-1760�

Pask, Kevin. �Plagiarism and the Originality of National Literature: Gerard Langbaine�

R obertson, Randy.  �Charles Blount, Plotter�

Rogers, Pat. �John Oldmixon�s Family Again�

Runge, Laura L.  �Beauty and Gallantry: A Model of Polite Conversation Revisited�

Smith, Amy Elizabeth.  �Naming the Un-�Familiar�: Formal Letters and Travel Narratives in Late Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Britain

S mith, Hannah. �The Idea of a Protestant Monarchy in Britain 1714-1760�


Thorne, Christian. �Providence in the Early Novel, or Accident If You Please�

T obin, Beth Fowkes. �Tropical Bounty, Local Knowledge, and the Imperial Georgic�

Wallace, Beth Kowaleski. �A Modest Defense of Gaming Women�

Williamson, Karina.  �From Heavenly Harmony to Eloquent Silence: Representations of World Order from Dryden to Shelley�




Henry Fielding.  Contributions to The Champion and Related Writings, ed. William B. Coley

---.  Plays, Volume I, 1728-1731 , ed. Thomas Lockwood

Cambridge Companion to Jonathan Swift , ed. Christopher Fox

Charles A. Knight.  The Literature of Satire

Raymond Stephanson. The Yard of Wit: Male Creativity and Sexuality, 1650-1750

John Dryden (1631-1700): His Politics, His Plays, and His Poets
, ed. Claude Rawson and Aaron Santesso

R onald Paulson.  Hogarth�s Harlot: Sacred Parody in Enlightenment England

The English Short-Title Catalogue: Past, Present, Future
, ed. Henry L. Snyder and Michael S. Smith

Frank Palmeri. Satire, History, Novel: Narrative Forms, 1665-1815

Scott Paul Gordon.  The Power of the Passive Self in English Literature, 1640-1770

Ellen Pollak.  Incest and the English Novel 1684-1814

Selected Works of Eliza Haywood I
: Vol. 1: Miscellaneous Writings, 1725‑43, ed. Alexander Pettit. Vol. 2: Epistles for the Ladies, ed. Alexander Pettit and Christine Blouch. The Wife, The Husband, and The Young Lady , ed. Alexander Pettit and Margo Collins

Selected Works of Eliza Haywood II
: Vol. 1: The Historiographer (A Companion to the Theatre, Volume 1) and The Parrot , ed. Christine Blouch, Alexander Pettit, and Rebecca Sayers Hanson. Vols. 2 & 3: The Female Spectator, Volumes 1 and 2 and The Female Spectator, Volumes 3 and 4 , ed. Kathryn R. King and Alexander Pettit

The Shandean: An Annual Volume Devoted to Laurence Sterne and His Works
, ed. Peter de Voogd


Pat R ogers . The Symbolic Design of �Windsor-Forest�: Iconography, Pageant, and Prophecy in Pope�s Early Work

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James McLaverty.  Pope, Print and Meaning

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Launching Fanny Hill: Essays on the Novel and Its Influence
, ed. Patsy S. Fowler and Alan Jackson

Eleanor Wikborg.  Love as Father Figure in Eighteenth-Century Women�s Fiction

Pat R ogers .  The Text of Great Britain: Theme and Design in Defoe�sTour

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Cheryl Wanko.  Roles of Authority: Thespian Biography and Celebrity in Eighteenth-Century Britain


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Helen M. Burke.  Riotous Performances:  The Struggle for Hegemony in the Irish Theater, 1712-1784

Misty G. Anderson .  Female Playwrights and Eighteenth-Century Comedy: Negotiating Marriage on the LondonStage

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Luxury in the Eighteenth Century: Debates, Desires and Delectable Goods
, ed. Maxine Berg and Elizabeth Eger

F elicity Nussbaum.  The Limits of the Human: Fictions of Anomaly, Race, and Gender in the Long Eighteenth Century

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, ed. Simon Varey

S ean Shesgreen.  Images of the Outcast: The Urban Poor in the Cries of London

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When Flesh Becomes Word: An Anthology of Early Eighteenth-Century Libertine Literature
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John Patrick Monta�o.  Courting the Moderates: Ideology, Propaganda, and the Emergence of Party,1660-1678

David M. Turner.  Fashioning Adultery: Gender, Sex, and Civility in England , 1660-1740

William R. Newman and L awrence M. Principe .  Alchemy Tried in the Fire: Starkey, Boyle, and the Fate of Hemontian Chymistry

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Samuel Pufendorf. The Whole Duty of Man, According to the Law of Nature , ed. and introd. Ian Hunter and David Saunders, trans. Andrew Tooke; including �Two Discourses and a Commentary by Jean Barbeyrac,� trans. David Saunders

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Isabel Rivers.  Reason, Grace, and Sentiment: A Study of the Language of Religion and Ethics in England1660-1780. Vol. II: Shaftesbury to Hume

Stuart Bennett.  Trade Bookbinding in the British Isles: 1660-1800


Scribleriana Transferred

May, James E.   �Manuscripts and Books at Auction and in Dealer�s Catalogues, 2002-2003







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