Spring 2011

Vol. XLVIII, No. 2



Addison :

SYBA , M ICHELLE . �After Design: Joseph Addison Discovers Beauties�


Behn :

C ABALLERO ACEITUNO , Y OLANDA. �Anti-Slavery and Sentimentalism in Aphra Behn�s Oroonoko

FIGLEROWICZ , M ARTA . ��Frightful Spectacles of a Mangled King�: Aphra Behn�s Oroonoko and Narration through Theater�

LIVINGSTON , M ICHAEL . �Aphra Behn�s �The Disappointment� as Ring Composition�

MARSH , F LORENCE . �Farce, Satire et Science dans The Emperor of the Moon (1687) d�Aphra Behn

TROFIMOVA , V IOLETTA . �French Influence on English Culture in the Second Part of the Seventeenth Century: Aphra Behn as a Creative Translator and a Mediator between the Two Cultures�

YANG , C HI-MING. �Asia out of Place: The Aesthetics of Incorruptibility in Behn�s Oroonoko


Cavendish :

SMITH , E MILY . �Genre�s �Phantastical Garb�: The Fashion of Form in Margaret Cavendish�s Natures Pictures Drawn by Fancies Pencil to the Life

WILLIAMS , G WENO . �Margaret Cavendish, A True Relation of My Birth , Breeding and Life


Defoe :

FISHELOV , D AVID . �Robinson Crusoe, �The Other� and the Poetics of Surprise�

MARKLEY , R OBERT . ��Casualties and Disasters�: Defoe and the Interpretations of Climatic Instability�

MOLESWORTH , J ESSE M. ��A Dreadful Course of Calamities�: Roxana�s Ending Reconsidered��

SEAGER , N ICHOLAS . �Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics: Epistemology and Fiction in Defoe�s A Journal of the Plague Year

YAHAV , A MIT . �Time, Duration, and Defoe�s Novel�s [sic]�


Dryden :

ANDREADIS , H ARRIETTE . �The Early Modern Afterlife of Ovidian Erotics: Dryden�s Heroides

D E SOUSA , G ERALDO U. �Portugal, North Africa and Dryden�s Don Sebastian

SPIELMAN , D AVID WALLACE . �Sir Robert Howard, John Dryden, and the Attribution of The Indian-Queen

WINN , J AMES A. �John Dryden, Court Theatricals, and the �Epilogue to the faithfull Shepherdess��

WISEMAN , S USAN . ��Perfectly Ovidian�? Dryden�s Epistles, Behn�sOenone,� Yarico�s Island�


Henry Fielding :

BATTESTIN , M ARTIN C. �Fielding�s Anatomy of Laughter�

BLACK , S COTT . �The Adventures of Love in Tom Jones

BURKE , J OHN J., J R . �Fielding�s Epic Combat with Milton in Tom Jones

BUTLER , G ERALD J. �Fielding�s Disruptive Heterosexuality�

DRAKE , G EORGE A. �Ritual in Joseph Andrews

EVANS , J AMES E. �Writing London in Tom Jones

FINLAY , E MILY . ��So Lovely a Skin Scarified with Rods�: Modern Notions in Fielding�s The Female Husband

FISHER , C ARL . �Mob Rules: Henry Fielding�s Developing Sense of the Fourth Estate�

GOODING , R ICHARD . ��A Complication of Disorders�: Bodily Health, Masculinity, and the Discourse of Gout and Dropsy in Henry Fielding�s The Journal of a Voyage to Lisbon

HAN , J IAMING . �Henry Fielding in China�

HOLLM , J AN . �Fictionalizing Foundlings: Social Tradition and Change in Henry Fielding�s Tom Jones

HUNTER , J. P AUL. �Rethinking Form in Tom Jones

JOHNSON , C HRISTOPHER D. �Well, Bless His Heart: Teaching Fielding in the American South�

JUNG , S ANDRO . �The Poet-Politician-Patriot in Fielding�s Miscellanies Poems�

LOCKWOOD , T HOMAS . �Did Fielding Write for The Craftsman?�

MANUWALD , G ESINE . �Henry Fielding�s Intertextuality: Plundering the �Rich Common� of Classical Authors�

PARKES , C HRISTOPHER . �Joseph Andrews and the Control of the Poor�

POTKAY , A DAM . �Liberty and Necessity in Fielding�s Amelia

RAZZAL , L UCY. �The Pockets of Henry Fielding�s Writing

RIBBLE , F REDERICK G. �Fielding, the Hoadlys, and the Composition of Pasquin

VOGRINCIC , A NA . �Shamela in the Light of Eighteenth-Century Novelization of Literature�

WOODMAN , T HOMAS . �Tom Jones and Christian Comedy�


Sarah Fielding :

HUSSEY , R EBECCA . �The Sentimental Traveler: Emotion, Movement, and Economy in Sarah Fielding�s Adventures of David Simple and Volume the Last


Finch :

LINKER , L AURA ALEXANDER. ��Th�unhappy Poet�s Breast�: Resisting Violation in Anne Finch�s �To the Nightingale��


Haywood :

GIRTEN , K RISTIN M. �Unsexed Souls: Natural Philosophy as Transformation in Eliza Haywood�s Female Spectator

MACKENZIE , N IALL . �Eliza Haywood in a �Scrutinising Age��

POWELL , M ANUSHAG . �Parroting and the Periodical: Women�s Speech, Haywood�s Parrot, and its Antecedents�


Inchbald :

LEE , H YE-SOO. �Women, Comedy, and A Simple Story


Mandeville :

HENKE , C HRISTOPH . �Pernicious Reason and Good Sense: Ethics and Common Sense in Bernard Mandeville�s Fable of the Bees and Samuel Johnson�s Writings�


Manley :

KVANDE , M ARTA . �Jane Barker and Delarivie`re Manley: Public Women Against the Public Sphere�


Parnell :

EDGECOMBE , R ODNEY STENNING . �Thomas Parnell�s �Night-Piece on Death� and Edward Young�s Night Thoughts


Pope :

Jenkins, Eugenia Zuroski. ��Nature to Advantage Drest�: Chinoiserie, Aesthetic Form, and the Poetry of Subjectivity in Pope and Swift�

LIU , Y U . �In the Name of the Ancients: The Cross-Cultural Iconoclasm of Pope�s Gardening Aesthetics�

V ANDER MEULEN , D AVID . �The Afterlife of the Imagination: Posthumous Adventures of Pope�s Essay on Man


Richardson :

BANDER , E LAINE . ��O Leave Novels�: Jane Austen, Sir Charles Grandison, Sir Edward Denham, and Rob Mossgiel

DUSSINGER , J OHN . �The Negotiations of Sir Charles Grandison

HANNAH , R OBERT . �Calendar Styles in Richardson�s Sir Charles Grandison

KEYMER , T OM . �Lady Echlin: Richardson�s Window on Eighteenth-Century Ireland�

MASLEN , K EITH . �Resurrecting Samuel Richardson�

ZUNSHINE , L ISA . �Can We Teach the �Deep Intersubjectivity� of Richardson�s Clarissa?�


Shadwell :

SHANAHAN , J OHN . �Theatrical Space and Scientific Space in Thomas Shadwell�s Virtuoso


Sterne :

ANSTEY , P ETER R. �The Experimental History of the Understanding from Locke to Sterne�

BELLMAN , P ATRIZIA NEROZZI. �Legal Snares: The Plot of Law in Tristram Shandy by Laurence Sterne with a Note on A Sentimental Journey

CHICO , T ITA . ��The More I Write, the More I Shall Have to Write�: The Many Beginnings of Tristram Shandy

LYNCH , J ACK . �Tristram Shandy and the Rise of the Novel; or, Unpopular Fiction after Richardson�

UCHIDA , M ASARU . � 18 seiki shosetsu kenkyu to intanetto � (�Studies of the English Novel in the Eighteenth Century and Internet�)


Swift :

BAUDOT , L AURA . �What Not to Avoid in Swift�s �The Lady�s Dressing Room��

BOYLE , F RANK T. �New Science in the Composition of A Tale of a Tub

CONNOLLY , S. J. �English Old and New�

INGRAM , A LLAN . �Madness at Tub Time: Swift Writing Insanity�

WALSH , M ARCUS . �Telling Tales and Gathering Fragments: Swift�s Tale of a Tub�������������


Thomson :

DESROCHES , D ENNIS . �The Rhetoric of Disclosure in James Thomson�s The Seasons; or, On Kant�s Gentlemanly Misanthropy�

JUNG , S ANDRO . �Some Notes on Le Sage�s Gil Blas and James Thomson�s Tancred and Sigismunda


Young :

EDGECOMBE , R ODNEY STENNING . �Thomas Parnell�s �Night-Piece on Death� and Edward Young�s Night Thoughts


Miscellaneous :

HAYDEN , J UDY A. �Harlequin, the Whigs, and William Mountfort�s Doctor Faustus

KAHAN , J EFFREY . �The Double Falshood and The Spanish Curate : A Further Fletcher Connection�

MARKLEY , R OBERT . �Introduction: Rethinking Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Drama�

NEUMANN , F RITZ-WILHELM. �The Faltering Spirit of the Nation in the 1720s: Bishop Francis Hare�s View upon the Vagaries of Modern Culture�

ROBERTS , D AVID . ��I think no ill one��

SPECK , W. A. �Eighteenth-Century Attitudes Towards Business�

SUAREZ , M ICHAEL F., S. J. �Secular Lessons: Biblical Satire, Parody, Imitation, and Emulation in Eighteenth-Century Chronicles of British Politics�

WETMORE , A LEX . �Sympathy Machines: Men of Feeling and the Automaton�

WOLLOCH , N ATHANIEL . �The Turkish Spy and Eighteenth-Century British Theriophily



L AURENCE STERNE. The Letters. Part I: 1739�1764; Part 2 : 1765�1768, ed. Melvyn New and Peter de Voogd

C HARLES A. K NIGHT . A Political Biography of Richard Steele

J ONATHAN SWIFT . English Political Writings 1711�1714[:] The Conduct of the Allies and Other Works , ed. Bertrand A. Goldgar and Ian Gadd

A NNABEL PATTERSON , The Long Parliament of Charles II

Henry Fielding (1707�1754): Novelist, Playwright, Journalist, Magistrate: A Double Anniversary Tribute, ed. Claude Rawson

Mary Astell: Reason, Gender, Faith , ed. William Kolbrener and Michal Michelson

L ISA MARUCA . The Work of Print: Authorship and the English Text Trades, 1660�1760



S TEPHEN H. G REGG . Defoe�s Writings and Manliness: Contrary Men

Shandean , vol. 19, ed. Peter de Voogd

J OHN MARTIN . Alien Come Home: The Story of Daniel Defoe�s Missing Years, 1644�1680

R ENE� BOSCH. Labyrinth of Digressions: �Tristram Shandy� as Perceived and Influenced by Sterne�s Early Imitators

H ENRY FIELDING , The History of the Adventures of Joseph Andrews , ed. Adam Potkay

Adventure : An Eighteenth-Century Idiom: Essays on the Daring and the Bold as a Pre-Modern Medium , ed. Serge Soupel, Kevin L. Cope, and Alexander Pettit

Novel Definitions: An Anthology of Commentary on the Novel, 1688�1815 , ed. Cheryl L. Nixon

E LISABETH J. H EARD . Experimentation on the English Stage, 1695�1708: The Career of George Farquhar

C ATHERINE T ROTTER COCKBURN. Philosophical Writings, ed. Patricia Sheridan

R ACHEL CARNELL . A Political Biography of Delarivier Manley

P AUL SALZMAN . Reading Early Modern Women�s Writing

Z OE KINSLEY . Women Writing the Home Tour, 1682�1812

Refiguring the Coquette: Essays on Culture and Coquetry , ed. Shelley King and Yae�l Schlick

N ICOLA LACEY. Women, Crime, and Character from Moll Flanders to Tess of the D�Urbervilles

E RIN MACKIE . Rakes, Highwaymen, and Pirates: The Making of the Modern Gentleman in the Eighteenth Century

Bernard Mandeville�s �A Modest Defence of Publick Stews �: Prostitution and Its Discontents in Early Georgian England, ed. Irwin Primer

Shakespeare and the Eighteenth Century , ed. Peter Sabor and Paul Yachnin

R OBERT L. M ACK . The Genius of Parody: Imitation and Originality in Seventeenth and Eighteenth-Century English Literature

A NNA KEAY. Magnificent Monarch: Charles II and the Ceremonies of Power

L EO HOLLIS . The Phoenix: St Paul�s Cathedral and the Men who Made Modern London

Great Bubbles , ed. Ross Emmett

E RIK BOND . Reading London: Urban Speculation and Imaginative Government in Eighteenth-Century Literature

Money, Power, and Print: Interdisciplinary Studies on the Financial Revolution in the British Isles , ed. Charles Ivar McGrath and Chris Fauske

J ENNY DAVIDSON . Breeding: A Partial History of the Eighteenth Century

E VELYN LORD. The Hell-fire Clubs: Sex, Satanism and Secret Societies

S ARAH TOULALAN . Imagining Sex: Pornography and Bodies in Seventeenth-Century England

K RISTINA STRAUB . Domestic Affairs: Intimacy, Eroticism, and Violence between Servants and Masters in Eighteenth-Century Britain

W. J. MANDER . The Philosophy of John Norris

Queer People: Negotiations and Expressions of Homosexuality, 1700�1800 , ed. Chris Mounsey and Caroline Gonda

A LEXANDER WELSH. What Is Honor? A Question of Moral Imperatives

J OHN MILLER . Cities Divided: Politics and Religion in English Provincial Towns, 1660�1722

W AYNE HUDSON . The English Deists

Eighteenth-Century Thought , Vol. 4, ed. James G.Buickerood

R OBERT G. I NGRAM . Religion, Reform and Modernity in the Eighteenth Century. Thomas Secker and the Church of England


The authors and titles in Henry Fielding (1707�1754): Novelist, Playwright, Journalist, Magistrate: A Double Anniversary Tribute are:

Robert Alter, �Fielding�s Legacy in Fiction�

Linda Bree, �Henry and Sarah Fielding: A Literary Relationship�

Simon Dickie, �Amelia, Sex, and Fielding�s Woman Question�

Bertrand A. Goldgar, �Fielding, Politics, and �Men of Genius��

Thomas Keymer, �Fielding�s Machiavellian Moment�

Guyonne Leduc, �Was Fielding a Prefeminist?�

Thomas Lockwood, �Fielding from Stage to Page�

Fr�d�ric Og�e, ��O Hogarth Had I Thy Pencil�: Delineations of an Alleged Friendship�

Ronald Paulson, �Fielding, Hogarth, and Evil: Cruelty�

Joseph Roach, ��The Uncreating Word�: Silence and Unspoken Thought in Fielding�s Drama�

Pat Rogers, �Poacher and Gamekeeper: Fielding, the Law, and the Novels�

Angela J. Smallwood, �Jacobites and Jacobins: Fielding�s Legacy in the Later Eighteenth-Century London Theatre�


The authors and titles in Mary Astell: Reason, Gender, Faith are:

Sharon A. Achinstein, �Mary Astell, Religion, and Feminism: Texts in Motion�

Jacqueline Broad, �Astell, Cartesian Ethics, and the Critique of Custom�

Mark Goldie, �Mary Astell and John Locke�

Corrine Harol, �Mary Astell�s Law of the Heart�

Kolbrener , William, �Astell�s �Design of Friendship� in Letters and A Serious Proposal�

William Kolbrener and Michal Michelson, ��Dreading to Engage Her�: The Critical Reception of Mary Astell

Eileen O�Neill, �Mary Astell on the Causation of Sensation�

Claire Pickard, ��Great in Humilitie�: A Consideration of Mary Astell�s Poetry�

Hannah Smith, �Mary Astell, A Serious Proposal to the Ladies (1694), and the Anglican Reformation of Manners in Late-Seventh-Century England�

Hilda Smith, ��Cry up Liberty�: The Political Context for Mary Astell�s Feminism�

E. Derek Taylor, �Are You Experienced? Astell, Locke, and Education�

Ann Jessie Van Sant, ��Tis better that I endure�: Mary Astell�s Exclusion of Equity�

Melinda Zook, �Religious Nonconformity and the Problem of Dissent in the Works of Aphra Behn and Mary Astell


The authors and titles in Money, Power, and Print: Interdisciplinary Studies on the Financial Revolution in the British Isles are:

Arne Bialuschewski, �Greed, Fraud, and Popular Culture: John Breholt�s Madagascar Schemes of the Early Eighteenth Century�

J. Alan Downie, �Gulliver�s Travels, the Contemporary Debate on the Financial Revolution, and the Bourgeois Public Sphere�

Chris Fauske, �Misunderstanding What Swift Misunderstood, or, the Economy of a Province�

James E. Hartley, �The Chameleon Daniel Defoe: Public Writing in the Age before Economic Theory�

Richard Kleer, � �Fictitious Cash�: English Public Finance and Paper Money, 1689�97�

Eoin Magennis, �Whither the Irish Financial Revolution?: Money, Banks, and Politics in Ireland in the 1730s�

Charles Ivar McGrath, �The Irish Experience of �Financial Revolution�, 1660�1760�

Charles Ivar McGrath and Chris Fauske, �Money, Power, and Print: Interdisciplinary Studies on the Financial Revolution in the British Isles�

Stephen Timmons, �The Hearth Tax and Finance in the West Country, 1662�92�


The authors and titles in Queer People are:

Conrad Brunstr�m, �Sex and Shopping with Frances Burney�

Joseph Campana, �Cruising Crusoe: Diving into the Wreck of Sexuality�

Tanya Cassidy, �People, Place and Performance: Theoretically Revisiting Mother Clap�s Molly House�

Netta Goldsmith, �London�s Homosexuals in the Eighteenth Century: Rhetoric versus Practice�

Caroline Gonda, �Queer Doings in Oxford: The Christian�s New Warning Piece (1753)�

Caroline Gonda and Chris Mounsey, �Queer People: An Introduction�

Ellen T. Harris, �Homosexual Context and Identity: Reflections on the Reception of Handel as Orpheus�

Ruth Herman, �Dark Deeds at Night�

Bridget Keegan, �Queer Labor: Genius and Class in Eighteen-Century Pastoral�

Thomas A. King, �How (Not) to Queer Boswell�

Chris Mounsey, �Conversion Panic, Circumcision, and Sexual Anxiety: Penelope Aubin�s Queer Writing�

Sally O� Driscoll, �Queerness, Class, and Sexuality

Chris Roulston, �Having it Both Ways? The Eighteenth-Century Menage-�-Trois

Ruth Smith, �Love between Men in Jennens� and Handel�s Saul�