Spring - Autumn 2010

Vol. XLII, No. 2 - Vol. XLVIII, No. 1


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Terry, Richard . �Revolt in Utica: Reading Cato Against Cato�



Taylor, E. Derek . �Mary Astell�s Work Toward a New Edition of A Serious Proposal to the Ladies, Part II



Bowers, Toni . �Behn�s Monmouth: Sedition, Seduction, and Tory Ideology in the 1680s�

Cooper, Karol . ��Too High for Souls like Mine to Hide�: Feminine Retreat and Exposure in Aphra Behn�s The Feign�d Curtizans

Markley, Robert. �Aphra Behn�s The City Heiress : Feminism and the Dynamics of Popular Success on the Late Seventeenth-Century Stage�



Fletcher, Angus. �The Irregular Aesthetic of The Blazing-World

Prieto-Pablos, Juan A. �The Disease of Wit and the Discourse of Reason in Margaret Cavendish�s Observations Upon Experimental Philosophy

Tillery, Denise. ��English Them in the Easiest Manner You Can�: Margaret Cavendish on the Discourse and Practice of Natural Philosophy�



Velissariou, Aspasia. �The Hobbesian Other in Congreve�s Comedies�



Alker, Sharon. �The Soldierly Imagination: Narrating Fear in Defoe�s Memoirs of a Cavalier

Neumann, Brigit. �A Discourse of Patriots�Constructions of Britishness in Eighteenth-Century Travel Writing. Alexander Jardine�s Letters from Barbary, France, Spain, Portugal and Daniel Defoe�s A Tour through the Whole Island of Great Britain

Newman, Judie. �Desperately Seeking Susan: J.M. Coetzee, Robinson Crusoe , and Roxana

Rogers, Sheldon. �The Ancestry of Daniel Defoe�



Baird, John D. �Dryden and Lee, Oedipus: A Probable Performance in January or February 1697/98�

Baker, Alvin L. �A Vindication of Creech�s Horace, and of Dryden�s Good Name�

Maurer, Shawn Lisa . �Fathers, Sons, and Lovers: The Transformation of Masculine Authority in Dryden�s Aureng-Zebe

Schille, Candy B. K. ��Man Hungry�: Reconsidering Threats to Colonial and Patriarchal Order in Dryden and Davenant�s The Tempest

Winn, James A. ��Thy wars brought nothing about�: Dryden�s Critique of Military Heroism�



Jordan, Nicolle. ��Where Power Is Absolute�: Royalist Politics and the Improved Landscape in a Poem by Anne Finch, Countess of Winchilsea�



Mannion, Elizabeth. �The Poetry Behind the Newgate Pastoral: Precursors to The Beggar�s Opera

Reed, Peter. �Conquer or Die: Staging Circum-Atlantic Revolt in Polly and Three-Finger�d Jack



Flannery, Kathryn T. �Eliza Haywood: Mainstreaming Women Writers in the Undergraduate Survey�

Harzewski, Stephanie. �The Fantomina Phenomenon: Eliza Haywood and the Formation of a Heroine�

Hultquist, Aleksondra . �Haywood�s Re-Appropriation of the Amatory Heroine in Betsy Thoughtless

King, Kathryn R. �Eliza Haywood, Savage Love, and Biographical Uncertainty�



Baines, Paul. �Crime and Punishment�

Erskine-Hill, Howard. �Pope and the Poetry of Opposition�

Fairer, David. �Pope and the Elizabethans�

Kelsall, Malcolm. �Landscapes and Estates�

Lashmore-Davies, Adrian. �A Hitherto Incomplete Letter from Sir William Trumbull to Alexander Pope�

Latimer, Bonnie. �Alchemies of Satire: A History of the Sylphs in The Rape of the Lock

Pritchard, Jonathan. �Alexander Pope at the Savoy�

Walls, Kathryn. �Pope�s Essay on Criticism , ll. 205-6: A Source in the Moriae Encomium of Erasmus�

Womersley, David. �Pope, Welsted, Denham, and Beer�



Chico, Tita . �Details and Frankness: Affective Relations in Sir Charles Grandison

Fizer, Irene. �Rags of Immortality: Clarissa�s Clothing and the Exchange of Second-Hand Goods�

Keymer, Thomas. �Parliamentary Printing, Paper Credit, and Corporate Fraud: A New Episode in Richardson�s Early Career�

Soni, Vivasvan.�The Trial Narrative in Richardson�s Pamela: Suspending the Hermeneutic of Happiness�



Baker, Oliver R. �Cribbage in Tunbridge Wells�

Bourne, Don . ��If I Appear to Any One Like a Counterfeit�: Liminality in Rochester�s Alexander Bendo�s Brochure


Smollett :

Gibson, William . �Smollett, Goldsmith, Nash, and Tobit�s Dog: The Biography of a Joke�

Kahan, Lee F . �Fathoming Intelligence: The �Impartial� Novelist and the Passion for News in Tobias Smollett�s Ferdinand Count Fathom

Shields, Juliet. �Smollett�s Scots and Sodomites: British Masculinity in Roderick Random



Duguid, Paul. �Inheritance and Loss: A Brief Survey of Google Books�

Kim, James. ��good cursed, bouncing losses�: Masculinity, Sentimental Irony, and Exuberance in Tristram Shandy

Lennartz, Norbert . �Charles Dickens Abroad: The Victorian Smelfungus and the Genre of the Unsentimental Journey�

Newbould, Mary . �Sex, Death and the Aposiopesis: Two Early Attempts to Fill the Gaps of Laurence Sterne�s A Sentimental Journey

Richardson, John . �Sterne�s Patriotic Shandeism�

Zimpfer, Nathalie .�Portrait of the Narrator as a Phallocrat: Tristram from Swiftian Modern to Self-Defeating Shandy�



Barnard, Toby. �John Lyon and Irish Antiquarianism in the Time of Swift�

Carnochan, W. B. �Who Was Podefar? Swift in the Journal to Stella

Connolly, S. J. �Swift and History�

Elias, A. C., Jr. �Reforming Mankind: Lemuel Gulliver, Constantia Grierson, and the Limits of Source Studies�

Fr�es, Jo�o . �Contemporary Writings in Response to Orrery�s Remarks on Swift

Higgins, Ian. An Argument against Abolishing Christianity and its Contexts�

Kelly, Ann Cline. �Gulliver as Pet and Pet Keeper: Talking Animals in Book 4�

Marshall, Ashley. Gulliver, Gulliverania, and the Problem of Swiftian Satire�

Pritchard, Jonathan. �Jonathan Swift and the Duke of Savoy�

���. �Swift�s Irish Rhymes�

Rabb, Melinda. �Postmodernizing Swift�

���.�The Secret Memoirs of Lemuel Gulliver: Satire, Secrecy, and Swift�

Rogers, Shef. �An Extra Echo to Swift�s Epigraph for Gulliver�s Travels�

Rumbold, Valerie. �Locating Swift�s Parody: The Title of Polite Conversation

Weinbrot, Howard D. �Swift�s Thirtieth of January Sermon: Politics, the Pulpit, and the Choice of Strife�



Jung, Sandro. �Updating Summer; or, Revisiting and Recomposing The Seasons



Farrell, Michael. �William Blake and Edward Young�s Night Thoughts�



Considine, John. �Darby and Joan and the Athenian Mercury

Dean, Ann C. �Court Culture and Political News in London�s Eighteenth-Century Newspapers�

Devereaux, Johanna. ��Affecting the Shade�: Attribution, Authorship, and Anonymity in An Essay in Defence of the Female Sex

Fisher, Michael H . �England Firsthand: Women and Men from Imperial India, 1614-1769�

Incorvati, Rick. �The Poetry of Friendship: Connecting the Histories of Women and Lesbian Sexuality in the Undergraduate Classroom�

Johns, Richard. ��An Air of Grandeur & Modesty�: James Thornhill�s Painting in the Dome of St. Paul�s Cathedral�

Jung, Sandro. �Joseph Mitchell (c. 1684-1738): Anglo-Scottish Poet�

Lanier-Nabors, Benjamin G. �Portals to Knowledge: Confluence and Conflict between Enlightenment and Postmodern Currencies�

Mills, Rebecca M. ��To be both Patroness and Friend�: Patronage, Friendship, and Protofeminism in the Life of Elizabeth Thomas (1675-1731)�

Rogers, Pat. �The Longitude Imposter�

Rosenthal, Laura J. ��All injury�s forgot�: Restoration Sex Comedy and National Amnesia�

Snider, Alvin. The Curious Impertinent on the Restoration Stage�

Van Den Berg, Jan. �Thomas Morgan and Alberto Radicati di Passerano, a Non-existing Relationship�


Book Reviews

The Novels of Daniel Defoe , Part 2, Gen. Ed. W. R. Owens and P. N. Furbank. The Fortunes and Misfortunes of the Famous Moll Flanders , ed. Liz Bellamy; A Journal of the Plague Year , ed. John Mullan; The History and Remarkable Life of the Truly Honourable Col. Jacque , ed.Maurice Hindle; The Fortunate Mistress, ed. P. N. Furbank; A New Voyage Round the World, ed. John McVeagh

Stephen Ahearn . Affected Sensibilities: Romantic Excess and the Genealogy of the Novel

The Cambridge Companion to Daniel Defoe , ed. John Richetti

The Cambridge Companion to Aphra Behn , ed. Derek Hughes and Janet Todd


�������������������������������������������������������� Books Briefly Noted

Kate Loveman . Reading Fictions, 1660�1740: Deception in English Literary and Political Culture

Approaches to Teaching the Novels of Samuel Richardson , ed. Lisa Zunshine and Jocelyn Harris

David Oakleaf . A Political Biography of Jonathan Swift

Roxana: or, The Fortunate Mistress (1724), ed. Melissa Mowry

Defoe on Sheppard and Wild , ed. Richard Holmes

Walking the Streets of Eighteenth-Century London: John Gay�s Trivia (1716), ed. Clare Brant and Susan E. Whyman

Kevin L. Cope . In and After the Beginning: Inaugural Moments and Literary Institutions in the Long Eighteenth Century

Steve Newman. Ballad Collection, Lyric, and the Canon: The Call of the Popular from the Restoration to the New Criticism

Allen Ingram with Michelle Faubert. Cultural Constructions of Madness in Eighteenth-Century Writing: Representing the Insane

William Kupersmith. English Versions of Roman Satire in the Earlier Eighteenth Century

Vic Gatrell. City of Laughter: Sex and Satire in Eighteenth-Century London

On Second Thought : Updating the Eighteenth-Century Text , ed. Debra Taylor Bourdeau and Elizabeth Kraft

Jack Lynch. Deception and Detection in Eighteenth-Century Britain

Corrinne Harol. Enlightened Virginity in Eighteenth-Century Literature

Will Pritchard. Outward Appearances: the Female Exterior in Restoration London

Nicole Pohl. Women, Space and Utopia, 1600-1800

Sophie Gee. The Scandal of the Season

Performing the �Everyday�: The Culture of Genre in the Eighteenth Century , ed. Alden Cavanaugh

Theory and Practice in the Eighteenth Century , ed. Alexander Dick and Christina Lupton

H. R. French. The Middle Sort of People in Provincial England, 1600�1750

John Styles. Dress of the People: Everyday Fashion in Eighteenth-Century England

The Diary of Edmund Harrold, Wigmaker of Manchester 1712-1715 , ed. Craig Horner

Amelia Rauser. Caricature Unmasked: Irony, Authenticity, and Individualism in Eighteenth-Century English Prints

B ruce Redford. Dilettanti: The Antic and the Antique in Eighteenth-Century England

Donna Landry. Noble Brutes: How Eastern Horses Transformed English Culture

E ve Tavor Bannet . Empire of Letters: Letter Manuals and Transatlantic

�����������Correspondence, 1680-1820

Clare Brant .Eighteenth-Century Letters and British Culture

PhilipPettit. Made with Words: Hobbes on Language, Mind, and Politics

John Marshall. John Locke, Toleration and Early Enlightenment Culture

Sarah Ellenzweig. The Fringes of Belief: English Literature, Ancient Heresy, and the Politics of Freethinking, 1660-1760

Jonathan Sheehan. The Enlightenment Bible: Translation, Scholarship, Culture

Elliott Visconsi. Lines of Equity: Literature and the Origins of Law in Later Stuart England

The Oxford Illustrated History of Britain , ed. Kenneth O. Morgan

Gordon E. Bannerman. Merchants and the Military in Eighteenth-Century Britain: British Army Contracts and Domestic Supply, 1739-1763


The authors and titles in The Cambridge Companion to Defoe are:

�����������Srinivas Aravamudan, �Defoe, Commerce, and Empire�


Paula R. Backscheider, �Defoe: the Man in the Works�

Hal Gladfelder, �Defoe and Criminal Fiction�

J. Paul Hunter, �Defoe and Poetic Tradition�

Deidre Shauna Lynch, �Money and Character in Defoe's Fiction�

John McVeagh, �Defoe: Satirist and Moralist�

Maximillian E. Novak, �Defoe's Political and Religious Journalism�


�����������Ellen Pollak, �Gender and fiction in Moll Flanders and Roxana�


�����������John Richetti, �Defoe as Narrative Innovator�

Pat Rogers, �Defoe's Tour and the Identity of Britain�

Michael Seidel, �Robinson Crusoe: Varieties of Fictional Experience"

Cynthia Wall, �Defoe and London�



The authors and titles in The Cambridge Companion to Aphra Behn are:

Ros Ballaster, ��The story of the heart�: Love-letters between a Noble-Man and his Sister

Helen M. Burke, �The Cavalier Myth in The Rover


Line Cottegnies, �Aphra Behn�s French Translations�


Derek Hughes, �Aphra Behn and the Restoration Theatre�


Joanna Lipking, ��Others�, Slaves, and Colonists in Oroonoko


Robert Markley, �Behn and the Unstable Traditions of Social Comedy�


Jessica Munns, �Pastoral and Lyric: Astrea in Arcadia�


Mary Ann O�Donnell, �Aphra Behn: the Documentary Record�


Susan J. Owen, �Behn�s Dramatic Response to Restoration Ppolitics�


Jacqueline Pearson, �The Short Ffiction (Excluding Oroonoko)�


Laura J. Rosenthal, �Oroonoko: Reception, Ideology, and Narrative Srategy�


Susan Staves, �Behn, Women, and Society�


Janet Todd and Derek Hughes, �Tragedy and Tragicomedy�


Melinda S. Zook, �The Political Poetry of Aphra Behn�




The authors and titles in Approaches to Teaching the Novels of Samuel Richardson are:

Janine Barchas, �The Antipodean Pleasures of Teaching Clarissa in Real Time�

Patricia Br�ckmann, �Vegetable Loves: A Defense, in Part, of Mrs. Jewkes�

Nicky Didicher, �Making Pamela Real for Undergraduates: Sexual Harassment and the Epistolary Form�

Teri Ann Doerksen, �Students in the Cedar Parlor: How and Why to Teach Sir Charles Grandison in the Undergraduate Classroom�

Jocelyn Harris, �Clarissa Lives! Reading Richardson through Rewritings�

David C. Hensley, �Sir Charles Grandison, Literary History, and the Philosophy of Enlightenment�

Tom Keymer, �Assorted Versions of Assaulted Virgins; or, Textual Instability and Teaching�

Elizabeth Kraft, �Pamela: Chastity, Charity, and Moral Reform�

Jayne Lewis, �Bearing Clarissa: Richardson and the Problem of Relevance�

Robert Markley, �Resisting Richardson: Student Skepticism and Teaching�

Keith Maslen, �Samuel Richardson: Printer-Novelist�

Michael McKeon, �Richardson�s Pamela and Political Allegory�

Judith Moore, �Is Clarissa a Woman�s Narrative?�

Mark James Morreale, �Richardson, Clarissa, Hypertext�

Felicity A. Nussbaum, �Naughty Pamela�s �Sweet Confusion��

Ruth Perry, �Kinship in Clarissa

John Richetti, �Richardson�s Revisions in the Third Edition of Clarissa: For Better or Worse?�

Peter Sabor, �Teaching Pamela and Clarissa through Richardson�s Correspondence�

Kristina Straub, �Reading the Domestic Servant-Woman in Pamela

Cynthia Wall, �Teaching Space in Sir Charles Grandison

Jeremy W. Webster, �Teaching Pamela and the History of Sexuality�

Janet Aikins Yount, �Pamela Illustrations in the Classroom�

Lisa Zunshine, �Teaching Sir Charles Grandison instead of Pamela to Undergraduates�


The authors and titles in On Second Thought: Updating the Eighteenth-Century Text are:

John Adrian, �The Slave, the Scourge, and Society: A Comparison of Gay�s First and Second Series of Fables�

Debra Taylor Bourdeau, �Paula Rego�s After Hogarth: A Portuguese Family�s Marriage � la Mode�

W. B. Gerard, ��Betwixt One Passion and Another��: Continuations of Laurence Sterne�s A Sentimental Journey, 1769-1820�

Michael Hardin, �Nativity and Nationhood: Laurence Sterne�s Tristram Shandy and Carlos Fuentes�s Christopher Unborn as Critiques of Empire�

Emily Hipchen, ��An Inviolate Preservation�: Immortalizing the Ephemeral Lock�

Sandro Jung, �Updating Summer, or Revising and Recomposing The Seasons�

Elizabeth Kraft, �Writers that Changed the World: Samuel Richardson, Upton Sinclair, and the Strategies of Social Reform�

Elizabeth Kraft and Debra Taylor Bourdeau, �Preface: Twice-Told Tales: When and Why Once is Not Enough�

Brett C. McInelly, �Remaking Crusoe in Derek Walcott�s Pantomime�

Allen Michie, �Far from Simple: Sarah Fielding�s Familiar Letters and the Limits of the Eighteenth-Century Sequel�

Betty A. Schellenberg, ��The Measured Lines of the Copyist�: Sequels, Reviews, and the Discourse of Authorship in England, 1749-1800�

Robert Scott, ��Dizzy with the Beauty of the Possible�: The Sot-Weed Factor and the Narrative Exhaustion of the Eighteenth-Century Novel�

Gregory Timmons, �Gay�s Retreatment of The Beggar�s Opera in Polly�

Tamara Wagner, �Rewriting Sentimental Plots: Sequels to Novels of Sensibility by Jane Austen and Another Lady�



The authors and titles in Theory and Practice in the Eighteenth-Century are:

Mark Blackwell, �Preposterous Hume�

Adam Budd, �Criticism, Sympathy, and the Problem Of Representation In David Hume�s Earliest Works�

Joseph Chaves, �Philosophy and Politeness, Moral Autonomy and Malleability in Shaftesbury�s Characteristics�

Eva Dadlez, �David Hume and Jane Austen On Pride: Ethics in the Enlightenment�

Alexander Dick, �Reid, Writing, and the Mechanics of Common Sense�

Maureen Harkin, �The Primitive in Adam Smith�s History�

Nicholas Hudson, �Philosophy/Nonphilosophy and Derrida�s (Non) Relations with Eighteenth-Century Empiricism�

Jonathan Kramnick, �Locke�s Desires�

Brian Michael Norton, �After the Summum Bonum: Novels, Treatises, and Enquiries after Happiness�

Adam Potkay, �Music vs. Conscience in Wordsworth�s Poetry�

John Richetti, �Hume, Religion, Literary Form: Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion�

Jonathan Sadow, �The Epistemology of Genre�

Nancy Yousef, �Can Julie Be Trusted? Rousseau and the Crisis of Constancy in Eighteenth-Century Philosophy�


��������������������������������� �����������Scribleriana Transferred

Scribleriana Transferred: English Verse 1701-1750:Recent Listings, Especially


���������� from Ximenes and C. R. Johnson, Part l



Salman Rushdie�s Conversations

Javier Marias and Sterne

Apra Behn Online������

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